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If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.

John 1:8

You see if we are not even going to be truthful to ourselves, how can we be honest to others about what we do or even who we are?

Some like to downplay it, others like to pretend it doesn’t exist, and there are even those who try to destroy it but the truth we all have to accept is that there is a beast inside all of us.

A beast that feeds on your wrongdoings despite your best intentions.

A beast that feasts on lies, even the ones you tell yourself.

A beast that is your gluttonous twin, every extra scrap of food you ingest feeds him.

All of us have a beast within and the sad reality is, there is no way to get rid of it through our own actions.

No, it was intertwined within us the moment our earliest ancestors devoured that forbidden fruit and broke the bond between humanity and divinity.

They ensured that to sin was human and the beast within us was our own hedonistic urges.

There is only one way to get rid of the beast and that is to ask the lord for forgiveness and vanquish the beast that nobody can kill on their own.

Firstly though, you have to recognize the beast for what it is.

Every deadly sin has its own beast and to be able to ask the lord to defeat it, you have to know which beast controls you.

Is it the gluttonous hog that devours everything in sight?

Is it the proud peacock that shows off whenever he gets the chance?

Is it the wrathful bee that will kill itself to cause you pain?

Is it the lazy sloth who will let life pass him by?

Is it the envious dog that demands your attention when you give it to others?

Is it the greedy serpent who stole everything from us?

Lastly, is it the lustful rabbit spreading its seed in every orifice it has the chance to penetrate?

Look within yourself, Kaine, for one being so willing to destroy its own primordial beast within, you haven’t even recognized it.

You look at it as a glutton, a hog needing to devour.

You’re so blind to your own demons, you can’t even recognize it for what it is.

A glutton devours despite a lack of necessity, you do it for survival.

No, your sin is lust, why do you think a rabbit trap caught you?

The lord told us to go forth and multiply.

The worst of us multiply when we shouldn’t.

You’ve sired without thought, gave in to your true beast because you were fighting another.

As you’ve sired, you’ve done more damage than you’ve prevented.

As any parent knows, you can’t control your children and whilst you’re eating for survival, they’re feasting.

You’ll never stop the beast without giving yourself to the lord.

I know you won’t do that so you need to realize you can never make it go away.

Just do what you can and stop spreading it, you filthy rabbit.