In Promo by Sir Bellator

Samson was a warrior of great power, but it came at a great personal cost.

His life laid out before him, Samson was destined for greatness. He was a Nazirite, born into a life of dedication and service to God. It would see him rise to power, and as a result, Samson was blessed with extraordinary strength.

But Samson was a bad boy.

He shirked his vows at every possible step. Instead of the dedicated life he was supposed to lead, he lived one of debauchery and sin, violence and revenge.

But his God given power saw him win many battles. It saw him rise to rule Israel. A power that only he knew the secret to. For as long as he did not cut his hair, his power would remain.

But sin has its consequences, and for Samson it came in the form of Delilah. The Philistine rulers bribed had Delilah to identify the source of his power and stop Samson.

So she did. She inquired, she asked questions. She did not stop until she found out his secret. And as Samson slept, she cut his hair.

He was left powerless, captured and blinded by the Philistines.

You possess a great power Impaler.

Like Samson, your power has come at a price. It has ensnared you and held you captive. A power that has seen you wage wars, destroy those that stand in your way.

A power that has seen you win many battles, but not in the name of good. Lest we ask those who fell at Night City?

With great power comes great responsibility.

And you’ve been a bad boy.

Now Chronoa comes, inquiring and asking questions of you. She seeks the secret to your power, the source of your ‘gift’.

But she’s your Delilah.

You see, every step she comes closer to finding out your secrets is a step closer to seeing your hair cut, Samson.

In her quest to control you, she will expose you. She will destroy you.

And you’ll find yourself just like Samson did. Ruined, blinded and humiliated… Begging for death to relieve you of what you have become.

I’m too am a weapon, Impaler. But I am not like you.

Where your power is found in the ways of sin, violence and vengeance, mine are wielded in the power of light. I am a sword forged in the word and to serve a single purpose.

I come to clear the path for His return.

But before me stands a giant pillar of sin.

And as much as it was God’s will for Samson to be punished for his sinful ways, it is his will for you to meet the same fate.

Chronoa will unearth your sin’s origin, but I will bring the vengeance upon you.

For I am a slayer of giants and a punisher of sin. I am the reason you’re still wearing that mask.

I’m coming for much more than a haircut, Impaler.

I’m coming to finish what I started.

The consequences of your sin.