Beautiful Sheeple

In Promo, Vision by Vision

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That if we look closely enough, we can see beauty all around us.


A void of darkness. No light penetrates my retina.

A stockade of scartissue shields my mind from that which governs our society.

The constant, ever pressing need to be beautiful. Entire industries are built upon the concept of attaining this beauty. Like sheep, the weak minded are swept up into this shallow game. A prize of which is so wholly unattainable that the entire pursuit of it is palpable to a scam.

We believe that if we have the right hair style, the finest makeup, the right body type… yes, if we have the latest fashion, others will accept us.

A young girl, impressionable in her youth, takes endless photographs of herself looking for that perfect shot. Frustrated with what she sees, she flips past filter after filter to try and create the look she thinks will turn heads.

She scrolls endlessly through post after post on her social media account, looking for how many hearts her latest look has received. Her entire self worth is built up into this petty idea of what the beholder views as beautiful.

Because the beholder is the faceless beast of Arcadian society.

And you, Narcissa, feed that beast.

You’ve built your entire legacy trying to make things beautiful and trendy. It saw your rise to the top of the hierarchy and it fuels your comeback.

Now, your quest for the latest new trend has seen your hypocrisy show. With a simple promise of a single date, you’ve shown that your quest back up the trending ladder is more important to you than morals.

For even I can see that Colt is nothing but a desperate scumbag not worth your time… you lead him on only so he can aide you in creating that sense of beauty.

Everything you stand for, everything you’ve built your life on, It’s all a scam.

I don’t see the world as you do, Narcissa.

I couldn’t care less about beauty.

I cannot fall victim to the whole shtick of what’s beautiful and what’s not.

I cannot tell what colours clash, or what trends are considered hot this season. I view people not for their shallow exteriors, but for the content of their heart.

I see the ugliness of this world, the pain that people are forced to live in. This endless quest for beauty only leaves them feeling worthless. Wake up and smell the bullshit of your life’s work, Narcissa.

The Third Eye sees how ugly your black heart truly is, and there’s no amount of pretty clothes that can undo the hurt your influence casts on society.

In my world, it doesn’t matter if you’re beautiful or ugly, hot or not, you will see the truth.
You will be accepted for who you are, not what society wants you to be.

Beauty is a lie that exists to keep the fashion business booming. I’m here to show the world just how ugly your beautiful world truly is.