In Drewitt, Promo by Drewitt

A man who lived on his own lit a candle one day. He took the last match in the pack, struck it against the ignition patch, and lit the wick.

This was the last match he had, and he knew it would be a while before he had enough credits for more matches. So this candle had to last.

He sheltered it with his whole body for a while, and protected the flame, but the man soon realised he had made a terrible mistake. He’d lit the candle downstairs, but to get to his bed, he would need to pass a broken window, through which there was usually a distinct breeze.

Without the candle, he could not see up on the first floor. But taking the candle through the breeze was a risk.

The man decried that he had faith.

“I have faith,” he repeated to himself, just like his father before him had.

So the man approached the stairs, the candle in one hand, and the other cupped around the flame.

And he took a step. Fine.

Took a few more. Fine.

Took one more, now level with the window, and watched as the flame on the candle danced.

He stopped and steadied himself, and with a steely determination took two more steps, into the middle of the window.

And the flame blew out.

Now in near pitch darkness, the man was scared, frozen to the spot, for fear of taking a wrong step.

The man’s faith had emboldened him beyond any given right, and led him into danger.

Had the man stopped to think, he would have realised that although that was his last match, he had many candles, and he could easily have manoeuvred his way to the second floor by lighting more than one candle, and avoided his plunge into darkness. That is the benefit of logic over faith.

The man who trusts faith before applying logic is bound to fall into his own darkness. The man who applies logic is sure to find the best solution.

Destructo Boy has spent his whole life betting on the faith his father instilled into him, that he was willing to ascend those stairs with his single candle. Now, standing in front of the window that represents his first real challenge in OSW, his flame flickers dangerously in the breeze. He has a simple choice. He can cling to the faith that got his father killed, and plunge into darkness, blind to the possibilities around him, or he can cast aside that blind faith and deal in logic.

Logic will keep you safe in the light, Destructo Boy, while blind faith will only plunge you further into darkness.

You need to pick a path.

The dangerous path of blind faith?

The enlightened path of careful logic?

The choice is yours and yours alone, but let me give you one piece of advice. I’ve travelled Arcadia twice over, but I ain’t never seen anyone survive on blind faith.

But maybe that’s just this world’s plan for you, right?