Best Supporting Actor Goes to!

In Promo by Sir Gable

Do you know which of the five senses has the most power?


Out of all the senses, this is the one that holds onto memories even in the most senile of seniors.

Seemingly out of it, a whiff of a certain scent can jettison them back decades to one specific moment in time.

They will remember everything about it.

From details about long lost buildings to people no longer with us, even the faintest of sounds in the background.

That one specific scent was a portal to the past.

When I first heard this fact, I wondered what smell would do that to me.

I got my answer a few days ago.

I was bored so I decided to watch a movie.

Everyone knows that’s the perfect time for popcorn.

Well, I made the rookie mistake of putting it in for too long.

When the smell of burnt popcorn filled the air, it teleported me back to watching the Oscars with my folks in 2009.

My mom loved award shows and she was in a rush to see if Heath Ledger got one posthumously.

She accidentally pressed an extra zero on our microwave and as you guessed it, that popcorn smell filled the whole house.

Now everytime I smell burnt popcorn, I see my mom dressed to the nines for a night at home, my dad wearing a suit to support his leading lady and all of us watching a family in mourning accept an award that should’ve even given to a man about to be launched into the stratosphere of fame.

The funny thing is although I remember all those little details and will forever know who won the supporting actor Oscar that year, I know I won’t remember the details of the movie that got him the award.

If you asked me now, I’d remember that Christian Bale was Batman and if pressed, I’d recall that Christopher Nolan directed it but other details surrounding the movie and Heath’s unfortunate passing will be lost to time like everything else in this world to me.

I see people remembering this match like I remember The Dark Knight, not how I remember the Oscars.

They’ll recall the man who was supposed to be the star of the show, an A-lister whose star faded a bit when another took his moment to shine, we all know that’s you Luke Storm.

Some will remember the man who directed everything in the ring but ultimately, he’ll be overshadowed by the actors who won and lost gold because of his actions. Sorry Simon.

Others will remember the way Heath left this world and how death somehow made his star even brighter. You’ll do the same for me that you did for him Deathnote.

Most won’t remember the props outside of the Batmobile. Only diehard collectors like you Sigil will remember those.

Lastly, there’s always one minor antagonist who people struggle to remember. Ironic, that Scarecrow shares the same place as you in this tale, Corvus.

Lastly, that leaves me. If I have to die like Ledger, I’ll at least get gold for my performance despite my downward spiral.

Why so serious?