In Promo by Sir Gable

Sigil, you’re teaching me how to be an asshole so let me teach you something from when I was good.

If there was one thing my dad taught me, it was if you take care of her, she takes care of you.

That applied to both of his loves.

My mother and his true pride and joy, his 69 Camaro.

That car was long past brand new by the time I was in the picture but looking at it, it was as if it was fresh off the lot.

That’s because even though he didn’t drive it everyday, he gave it plenty of attention.

Not once did I see a speck of dirt on that marvelous machine.

Everyday, he gave it a light wash.

On the days he let the sun hit it, he made sure to wax her to the point the whole block would pay attention.

Somedays, he let me ride with him to the shop but you can best believe there were no drive-thru destinations on those trips.

He vacuumed those interiors more than our living room.

When we got to the shop, he told me everything they did for him.

Every three months to the day, he got the oil changed, the fluid replaced, and the tires rotated.

He wanted me to not only remember this but know the importance.

He told me we treat her like Mom.

On Mother’s Day, we give her the stuff that makes her happy. Whether it be chocolate or flowers, it’s stuff like that that keeps our marriage moving.

On Cammy’s day, she gets what makes her happy to keep her moving.

He told me, look around you, almost every car on these streets have seen less than ol Cammy here. That’s because I’ve done this like clockwork.

Cammy has now seen more days than the old man himself.

That’s because just like him, I know how to take care of things and keep them moving.

I wash her to the point I can see myself in her reflection. I not only make sure she gets her fluids but she gets a full inspection everytime we go.

It’s one of the last things I have from him so it isn’t going anywhere.

I don’t see anyone on the other team taking care of something like that.

Voynich would just watch it rust until it completely fell apart.

While Voynich writes his observations, Deathnote would document its downfall.

If it actually was driven, my old captain would drive as fast as possible until he collided with something stronger than it.

Lastly, Corvus would be the reason it eventually dies.

That little crow would careen right into the grill and the feathers and viscera would do more damage than thought possible.

Let me make sure ours doesn’t suffer the same fate.

We already have the best engine in Sandman.

We can let Viper and his crew do what they need to in the pits.

I can oversee our vessel and make sure it makes crows choke on our dust.

All I need from you is to drive and make sure we cross the finish line before they do.

Portals or not.