Big Brother

In Promo by Zero

“The law once made me complete community service.”

“And they saw fit to enter me into the Big Brother program.”

“They gave me this snotty nose little white boy who loved to skateboard. Once a week for a year, I had to hang out with little prick and mentor him. It was supposed to help me out.”

“So, I made it help me out.”

“I befriended the kid at first; I wanted him to fuckin’ trust me, to like me, to look up to me and think I’m the shit.”

“Cause once he did that, he’d do anythin’ I wanted.”

“If we went to the store and I was short, I’d get him to throw a few beers in his rutsack.”

“If I needed some weed, I’d send him to the dealer on his fuckin’ skateboard.”

“After all, who’s lookin’ at a fuckin’ white boy in the hood, right?”

“One day, I got jammed up.”

“I owed my dealer some money and to pay the debt, he wanted me to sling it on the corner for a couple of hours. He said it’d pay in full.”

“I ain’t gettin’ caught doin’ that shit, so I sent the kid.”

“Turned out it was a setup.”

“Dealer was a fuckin’ snitch and that little white boy of mine got arrested.”

“You know Kid, you remind me a lot of this boy.”

“I see the way you look at me; like I’m your fuckin’ hero. I see the way you wanna follow my every lead like I’m some kinda God damn mentor.”

“It’s fuckin’ funny.”

“And just like the boy, I can make you do whatever the fuck I want, right? Go here, do that. Go there, do this.”

“It’s reverse slavery, mother fucker.”

“But when push comes to shove, it’s kids like you that get the rough end of the stick. It’s followers like you that don’t have the balls to be leaders, that get thrown in jail in our stead.”

“It’s people like you that grow up learning not to drop the fuckin’ soap, TGK.”

“Yet I remember after everything, when they put me in a room with the boy and I looked him in the eye, he still thought I was God.”

“That realisation drained out of his face the minute I fuckin’ scolded him for doin’ shit I told him he should never do.”

“When I told him I was ashamed to be his big brother… he burst into tears, realizin’ he’d been duped.”

“At Invasion, you’re gonna look up at me with those puppy dog eyes like I’m some kinda God and I’m gonna take your fuckin’ title, kid.”

“And when you expect me to make it all better…”

“When you expect me to hold your hand, wipe your tears away and give you a fuckin’ hug.”

“That’s when you’ll feel the knife if your back, you dumb piece of shit.”

“Cause bad times and stupid idiots don’t last…”

“But Bad Mother Fuckers do.”