In Promo by Banzan

“Even the smallest kitten is a lion in its own mind.”

To the mouse, the kitten is deadly.

It had sharp claws and teeth, a killer instinct learnt of its kin.

It was a huntress, who sought out vermin to catch. It would sniff them out, investigating all the areas they may hide. And when it struck, the mouse stood no chance.

In its own petty kingdom, the kitten reigns with an iron paw.

Its job, to hunt out that which the master wishes.

Hunt the right prey and the kitten can be a deadly force.

But to the lion, the kitten is merely a nuisance.

For in reality, the kitten is no lion.

In reality, the kitten is weak compared with the might of the lion.

The kitten might excel at catching mice, but the lion hunts the true game.

It slays beasts which the kitten could only dream of.

For what the kitten thinks it is in its own mind, the lion truly is.

Truly powerful, truly deadly.

Truly the king of the jungle.

You’ve hunted your fair share of mice over your years, Lucy.

The ways of your clan, passed down from generation to generation like the kitten’s instincts. It allows you the perfect set of skills to hunt and while the kitten hunts to protect its house from vermin, you do the same.

You hunt your own kind of vermin.

Those that would harm your kindred, your way of life, you guard from as the kitten does its home.

That’s what brought you to the Slaughterhouse in the first place. You and your friend, Kaine. To sniff out those that threaten your kind. To seek answers to questions that will help you investigate where they hide. And your investigation has unveiled some truths, sure. But is has unveiled more questions than answers.

And despite what you may think, Knightlord and you… You’re not equals. He has steered your gaze in my direction. He points your nose towards me and tells you to hunt.

You may not see it, little kitten, but he’s become your master. You hunt what he wants you to.

Nevertheless, you’re determined to prove that Tenchu and I are the same type of vermin you’re used to hunting.

But I’m no mouse.

I’m a lion.

And while you’re chasing little mice, I’ve been hunting down real monsters.

Monsters that killed my friend Aesop.

Monsters like Darklord, Leif Helveig.

Monsters that would make you shake inside your daytime bed. For the kitten only thinks its claws are sharp until it sees the claws of a lion.

As you’re about to find out.

A lion can only be prodded so long before it must show the kitten why it is the king.

Because they are both cats, but it is foolish to think kittens and lions are one in the same.

You’re a foolish little kitten who should have let the lion sleep.

Instead, you’ll find out that you’re only a lion in your own mind.

And a foolish nuisance in mine.