Big Brother

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“Every big brother thinks it’s his job to protect his siblings from something.”

“Back in school I had someone I liked.”

“Like a lot.”

“He and I would hang out after school when our friends weren’t around, when his brother was off somewhere else. It was nice, quiet, and sure we didn’t always see eye to eye, but we liked each other.”

“But, well, his brother didn’t like that.”

“One day, while I was leaving our hangout, his brother slammed me into a wall, held me there and told me to leave his sibling alone.”

“I was only trouble, and he wouldn’t have his sibling hanging out with a guy like me.”

“He thought he was protecting his sibling from himself, but that’s just not true.”

“All him doing that did was make his sibling resent him.”

“Every punch we threw made his sibling resent both of us.”

“Vigour, you gotta understand something here, man. You’re a whole lot like that dude’s older brother. You’re only out here with one thought in mind, right? You wanna make sure Starboy is living their best life and recovering well. I respect it, I do.”

“But that respect only goes so far.”

“See, when I left Starboy’s place you came to me, called me out, and made me out to be the bad guy Billie Eilish style. You cornered me and gave me the lowdown, right? I needed to leave your sibling alone or you’d bust my jaw.”

“And I can see what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that you’re the only thing between Starboy and a bad decision.”

“But it ain’t true, man.”

“You’re a good brother to your friend, you care for him, but you care so much you can’t see what coming after me is going to do to him.”

“Because the truth is, as soon as the fists start flying, there’s going to be a break that we can’t come back from. You can bust my jaw, and I can Truck Fuck you until your hair turns red, but the fight ain’t gonna accomplish anything.”

“If you win, Starboy is gonna hate you for hurting me, he’s going to think you don’t care about him or what he thinks.”

“If I win? He’ll think I’m an asshole for knocking his brother on his ass because the only thing he’ll think you did wrong was care too much about him.”

“It’s lose lose.”

“But you’re giving me no choice, right? You’re gonna come after me in the ring, and I ain’t gonna sit back and take it lying down. So yeah, Starboy is gonna hate you, he’s gonna hate me, and we’re both gonna have to deal with the shit we caused.”

“But just know, man. I tried to stop this. I tried to tell you to leave us alone.”

“So get ready, Vigour, because this is gonna get harcore.”

“Now put your head between my legs and kiss Starboy’s feelings goodbye.”