In Promo by Banzan

Those that live near the coast know all too well the threat of tsunami.

The great wave that rises from the sea after an earthquake, destroying everything in its path. It begins as a mere rumbling, deep within the depths of the ocean. But when that shaking turns violent, the great wave stirs. When the tsunami is unleashed upon land, it cares not which victim it claims nor what damage it causes. It simply destroys.

Man prepares for tsunami, building walls out of sandbags. Hoping desperately that the tidal wall will hold back the power of the great wave. Soak up the water and dissipate the energy. Desperately, man builds great walls from bags of sand but the tsunami obliterates their efforts.

The wave conquers all.

When that moment comes, there is no fighting back the wave. Survival comes from only one means.


We each build sandbags around our lives. As best we can, we try to shut out the negative experiences we go through and hold back the waters of our emotions that threaten to take us down. Anger, frustration and hatred. We push these feelings inside us, hoping that our makeshift sandbag wall will suffice in holding them under control. Disappointment, anguish, fear. We try our best to not let the waters destroy our wall.

But all too often, the sandbags fail.

And we are exposed for that which lies within us.

We explode, unleashing the tsunami that has been kept down within our soul.

You know that feeling all too well, Impaler.

Long ago, you let the tsunami take over. You let the mask attach and you succumbed to its will. He who you were was left merely drowning in the floodwaters of the great tsunami. And try as he might to keep that force of destruction at bay, your sandbags failed miserably.

And your tsunami has been destroying ever since.

Chronoa knows this and she wishes to harness its power. To use your anguish, your pain, your hatred as a weapon of her own.

Once the tsunami was allowed to pass by your sandbag of protection, and Chronoa opened up the possibilities of what your power could truly do, she unravelled a force which she cannot control. Like trying to direct a tsunami upon ones enemy, she’ll end up causing nothing but destruction in the process.

I have my own share of rumblings within my soul, that which threatens to erupt from me in the form of a tsunami.

The pain of loss, anguish and anger, which we both know all too well.

But I quell these rumbling waters through meditation, I strengthen my sandbags.

You may be strong in power, but you’re weak of mind, Impaler.

For your sandbags offer nothing to stop your tsunami from destroying.

I can and will stop your tsunami’s destruction, quieten your waters. Your rage is nothing in comparison to that which stands before you.

For not even the power of a tsunami can topple a Mighty Mountain.

When the waters fall still, the mountain still stands.