Big Mouth, Bigger Balls

In Promo by Tag

“Anyone can talk big, but you gotta act big if you wanna prove it.”

“On the streets of Highland Park you either went big or went home.”

“And Big Mouth Tony? That douchebag had a big fucking mouth, hence the name.”

“Everywhere he went he wanted the attention on him.”

“He always had to prove he was the baddest mother fucker around, right up until the day he and I found ourselves at the top of Big Bertha.”

“The biggest fucking half-pipe in Highland Park.”

“Thirty feet tall, even Bam Margera would call you a retard for trying it!”

“There we were, high in the air, looking down at all the other kids all begging to see us take the plunge.”

“And Tony? He started sweating.”

“We were constantly in a pissing contest trying to one up each other. He never thought I’d climb up there with him.”

“And there was only one way down.”

“I looked at him, and I told him to go first. If he was so bad, it shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

“But he just stood there, frozen.”

“So what did I do?”

“Well, ya boy Tag’s no pussy.”

“I did what I always do.”

“I took the plunge.”

“Now, in OSW, we’re basically a bunch of kids in a skate park, right? We’re all looking to one up each other every time we enter the ring.”

“And no one talks more shit and starts more fights than Zero does.”

“Ain’t that right, you bionic cucklord.”

“Just like Tony, you have a mouth bigger than your brain. Zero IQ, hence your name.”

“You think you’re the baddest mother fucker in down and it shows when you walk up in the ring with your buddies starting fights and talking shit.”

“Who’s going to step to you when you keep doing bigger and badder things?”

“Who but me, of course.”

“See, no matter how bad you think you are, when it comes down to it, it’s either nut up or shut up.”

“And at Rust Out? We ain’t doing no normal ass match. No, we’re busting out tables, ladders, and chairs.”

“Yeah, to walk out the winner, someone’s gonna have to climb up Big Bertha and take the fuckin’ plunge.”

“And the thing is, Zero? I know it’ll be me and you up there, face to face fighting for those belts. You’ll tell me to suck your dick, I’ll call you a limp dick cuck, and one of us is gonna end up on the ground.”

“And I already know it’s gonna be you.”

“Because my mouth may be big, but my balls are bigger.”

“I ain’t scared of hitting the ground. Just like with Big Bertha and Tony I’ll drop in from the highest height and plummet to the ground at mach nine!”

“And while I’m gliding down those steel rungs, I’ll have those titles in one hand and a middle finger in the other.”

“Because you may be bad, but I’m ten times badder.”

“Now put your head between my legs and kiss your titles goodbye.”