Bigger Fish

In Promo by Sigil

“There was once a fish who swam around the confines of a lake.”

“You see, the fish was huge, massive, almost too big for the pond itself to hold! And the fish knew quite well just how much power he held there.”

“Smaller fish cowered, fishermen’s lines snapped at his weight, and not even the tiny birds in the trees tried to pluck him from the waves.”

“It become so much that the fish thought himself unstoppable.”

“He hopped into the stream that brought water to his lake and swam up, looking for new lands to conquer, new fish to devour.”

“His journey up the stream ended when he landed somewhere much bigger than his lake.”

“The fish found himself in the ocean.”

“Surrounded by fisher bigger than himself.”

“By fishermen with hooks and lines able to reel him in.”

“As quickly as he arrived, he soon found himself devoured.”

“A small fish in a large world.”

“Grimwolf, you have claimed yourself as the King of the Seven Seas, haven’t you? You’re the largest, toughest, and most vile pirate to step foot on a boat, aren’t you? Even beyond that, you’re the Nekken, you’re the biggest fish in the entirety of the ocean.”

“Small little fish like Cael Gable and his former Vayikra comrades trembled at your presence as you swam across their path.”

“Fishermen the likes of Pyre and Simon might even find themselves quivering as their lines snap against your massive weight, being able to hook you, but never able to quite fully reel you in.”

“The ocean is your playground, the lake in which you swim where no one can ever attest your rule.”

“Small fish enter your belly, terrified fishermen tell tall tales of your power.”

“But as the saying goes, there’s always bigger fish.”

“Always a more capable fisherman.”

“If you swam out of the ocean and gone further, entering the cosmos themselves in search of other smaller fish to subjugate, you’d be in for a rude awakening, Grimwolf. For beyond the confines of your lake lies something beyond your very comprehension.”

“Creatures your tiny brain couldn’t even understand.”

“For while you may be the large fish in Earth’s oceans?”

“You’re no more than a guppy on the large scale in which I stake my claim.”

“For you see, I’m a fisherman who has sailed the cosmos and swam across the universe, across time itself. No fish is too large, no prey too powerful.”

“When I cast my line during our match I’ll be sure to watch you pitifully pull and tangle with my hook, the reality of the situation dawning on you as I slowly reel you in kicking and screaming to your inevitable demise.”

“Your flesh shall soon meet my lips, your pathetic corpse soon mounted on my wall as another trophy to add to my collection.”

“A tiny fish amongst the monsters I have conquered.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”