In Promo, Vision by Vision

A wall of iron, smooth to the touch. Vision runs his fingertips along until he comes to a point where the metal feels more coarse.

“It begins with a blemish.”

The Awoken One inspects the blemish with his fingers.

“This wall was once a shining, pristine example of workmanship. Once, this wall seemed impenetrable and the more imposing this wall seemed, the safer those behind it would feel.”

He runs his hand over the smooth part of the wall, then back over the blemish.

“But the process of oxidation began as a blemish in the wall. A small dot, where oxygen and moisture would attack the steel. It began as a little spot, but soon it will take over the whole thing.”

He takes his hand off the spot, bringing his fingers to his face and breathing in.

“I see rust.”

“Infesting the once impenetrable steel of Arcadia. A blemish on our world that threatens everything within it.”

Vision coughs out a mouthful of black bile, much to his own disgust.

“Within me too, the same process has begun. A blemish has invaded, festers and threatens to take over my body. Little by little, if left alone it will destroy everything it touches.”

He wipes the bile from his lips.

“The only path to peace is to rid the body of that which threatens it.”

His attention turns back to the wall.

“What began as a small blemish has been allowed to grow into full blown oxidation. Rust that attacks the steel from the surface to the very core. Narcissa Balenciaga is that blemish.”

His fingers find the coarse steel once more.

“At Red Snow, her blemish turned to rust. The oxidation process took control as the inmates of Deathrow found their freedom under Narcissa’s wing.”

They became the rust she unleashed on Arcadia.”

Vision peels back the thin layer of paint around the blemish, revealing patches of hidden rust that have begun to eat away at the steel.

“Hidden away until called upon, her rust has their own axes to grind, their own wars to wage. But she ensures that they play their part first in her war.”

“She has all the firepower she needs in her pocket, as Lucky and the rest of her lapdogs await her call. All to prove the corruption of Zeus, she lets her rust consume everything it touches, but do they really know what they signed up for in your war, Narcissa?”

Vision touches the wall, finding the blemish and beginning to rub at it with sandpaper.

“The path to peace must now be sanded smooth. The coarse blemish must be contained and the rust removed before it infects our world.”

“The integrity of our wall must be protected.”

He continues to sand, watching the spot of rust fade.

“For there to be peace in Arcadia, The Uprising must be stopped. Even those blind to their true purpose can feel the unrest in our world the more the rust settles.”

“Only through the Third Eye can we truly see the path to peace, and the solution to the Uprising of Balenciaga’s rust that plagues Arcadia.”