Blissful Ignorance

In Promo by Chronoa

There was once a young woman who was thrust into a world she knew nothing about.

Drafted into a war she never signed up forĀ  and ordered to do things that made her sick to her stomach.

Atrocities that haunted every peaceful moment like screams piercing through an everlasting night.

Yet the thing that terrified her the most wasn’t the blood flowing through her hands

Nor the sickle permanently plastered upon her back

Not even that she was becoming numb to it all

But that she never knew why.

So one day, fed up with the forgotten promises, the paper thin half truths and the condescension, she demanded answers.

Why she was doing this, why she had to follow their every word and everything they had kept from her.

Because her curiosity overrode her common sense and she gave into the whispering calls of knowledge.

But once you open Pandoras Box, you can never close the lid again.

And the day I learnt the truth about the universe is the day the last light left my soul.

So why are you so intent on following in my footsteps Mountain?

You may think you’ve endured inhuman hardships before, from all the ones you’ve lost, the suffering that has been inflicted and the monster you almost became.

A man who thinks he’s seen the worst this world can throw at him and still believes in the fantasy of sanctuary.

Yet with a single whisper, I could snap your fragile reality in half.

Because as imposing and tranquill as you may be, they forget you are still a child, believing in childish ideals of dreams and peace.

Just like I was.

For you’re not the only one who fate couldn’t understand.

And thou I was a monster blinded by lies

It was heaven compared to the hell I sunk into wide awake.

And I am trying to not be the one who shatters your entire world.

I see the distrust, the annoyance and the hurt that radiates in your eyes.

But know every move I have made is with the best of intentions.

You’re not a tool or a weapon, you’re a friend.

And every lie and subterfuge has been to protect you from a fate worse then death.

So despise me, think of me as a vile monster while you heed council from demons much worse then I and keep hold of your fantasies,

You do what you must but if not by my side, stay clear of what comes next.

For if you get in my way Mountain, if you try and stop me from erasing this temple for the good of the universe,

Everything you know and hold dear will fade away as the truth will leave you to the wolves

As you become just like me.