You will NOT be saved

In Promo by Sir Gable

You will be saved.

Ever since I received that mysterious letter a couple of weeks ago, those four simple words have been ruminating in my mind.

Like an echo from the past, I hear the voices of all the people who have said that to me throughout the years.

I hear my parent’s voices on the way to church the day I was baptized.

I hear an old coach on the day I thought I suffered a career-ending injury. He kept ensuring that my dreams and I would be saved by the best doctors in the city.

I hear a cop who promised that he would protect me but ended up being one of my biggest threats.

I hear a false prophet shout it to the heavens after he branded me. I’ve since hidden those scars with the tattoos you see on me but I still hear his voice all the time.

I hear a so-called doctor who promised he would cure me but ended up being my cause of death.

I hear a pirate who wanted me to join him and travel the seven seas. The only place he tried taking me was Davy Jone’s locker.

I hear my brothers in Christ telling me the truth I heard from my parents all those years ago and desperately needed reminding of.

I hear the lord himself after he brought me back to life.

All these voices ranging from wicked to most divine cannot leave my head and now my inner voice has joined the fray after reading your letter.

I don’t need saving anymore but if you want to try and do it, show yourself.

Show the world the coward who hides behind a note with barely a sentence.

Show the world the person who thinks they can save me from what? Finally having a purpose that means something, finally having a family after losing my own, or from the love of the lord?

Show the world the person who thinks he’s tall enough to box with God but not brave enough to talk to me.

If you’re willing to actually talk to me in person, I’ll be waiting in this ring ready to have a talk with another fake savior.

I advise you to have your words already chosen, I’m not going to be patient in listening to a message from someone trying to take me away from a group I finally feel safe with.

The moment I don’t trust you, you’re the one who will need saving.

I’ll disregard the law like my old partner.

I’ll brand you like that false prophet.

I’ll cure you the way that fake doctor cured me.

I won’t let you attack first like I allowed that pirate, I’m done being the reactionary in all the chapters of my life.

Lastly, if you’re someone who has tried to save me before, I don’t advise coming to that ring because this isn’t the old Cael you walked all over before.

I am Sir Gable now and there’s nothing you can do to stop me giving you what you deserve.

Save yourself, there’s nothing you can do for me.