Undying Hunger

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

I’ve seen it in their eyes.

The hunger that is so deep, so demanding, that nothing can satiate it. They chase anything that even looks like a meal in the hope of satisfying that hunger. It’s a brutal feeling, this hunger. Day and night go by and no matter what one does, the hunger is still there.

But this isn’t a hunger for success, or for food. Those things will always be fleeting. No, this hunger is far greater. This hunger is primal. It’s one Kindred of sought to settle for a very, very, long time.

Millenia have gone by that we’ve sought to satiate this hunger, and still we pursue it to no end.

It can go from a gnawing pang to a ravishing, unrelenting attack on the existence of everyone around us. It drives us forward.

But I see it in their eyes, those who desire this undying hunger. You can see who wishes to have this curse.

Sometimes I question this, why would one want a hunger that is never ending? Why would one want to suffer the way we do?

But then I see you, someone who knows this hunger.

Where day after day, you consume everything that is in front of you.

You enjoy this hunger, you enjoy the feeding frenzy when that comes when this painful hunger takes over.

Like us, your hunger is drive. Is the will of an insatiable beast that eats everything. A hunger to feast upon the world, a desire to see it all end.

It’s not something of us, it is us. We are hunger.

A monster that lays deep within us.

But you haven’t joined us, yet. Your hunger matches ours, but isn’t ours. Not yet.

Ether, my Childe. I see your desire to eat every single thing in front of you. A desire to feast on this world.

I can show you how to feast this way. I can unlock the sheer vastness of an unyielding hunger. For food, for blood. For ending this world around us.

We have yet to find the answers to this hunger for this world to crumble around us. To end it all around us, finally ending our existence.

I think you’re the answer we’ve sought for so long. Your hunger can solve it all for us, how to feast with no end on this miserable world until it’s nothing but an empty husk of a cold rock floating through this universe.

So, come. Join us, my Childe. Join this world of darkness.

Come into the darkness that desires you, that wishes you to envelope you in it’s embrace.

Your allies fall away, weak. Afraid. You won’t find that here in my world.

Here we are allies to all, and feast on everything in front of you. We are allies to the end of this world. Unfailing, undaunted.

So, answer your true calling, the one that drags this world into the darkness.

Welcome to the world of darkness.

Open your heart to the dark embrace.