In Promo by Zeus

Once upon a time there was nothing I loved more than to sit down with a great book.

I was a real bookworm, burrowed away in my favourite spot, just me and the magical pages of a great book.

Reading these stories of all kinds of characters would grip me from my dawn until disk. I would be full of excitement as I turned the pages to discover the fate of these people inside the book.

But then, one day, something changed. Simply reading the fate that others had penned became less exciting to me. It wasn’t enough to know what would happen to the characters in my books.

I started to imagine my own version of what would happen.

That is when I stopped being a passive reader of books and started writing my own finales for the characters. Instead of simply knowing what someone else had decided for someone, I wanted to be the author of their fate.

Creating endings for characters felt so much more satisfying than simply reading about one. I discovered that true power was not in knowing the story, but in controlling how the story ends.

Deathnote, like my younger self you too are a real bookworm.

You enjoy nothing more than to leaf through the pages of a book, to take in the detail found within.

There is even a special place inside The Slaughterhouse that you call your own, that cosy spot where you can be alone with your favourite book.

I have watched you Deathnote and I have been struck by that resemblance to the earlier version of myself. There is the excited agitation as you become lost in the immersion of the characters within the pages, gripped by the desire to know exactly how their life’s plot reaches its ending.

But here you and I separate.

You remain always the devoted reader, someone who is entirely focused on learning and knowing other people’s fate.

I, instead, stopped being a reader and transformed into a writer of fate.

It wasn’t enough for me to simply know what happens in the story, I had to become the creator and controller of how the story ended.

So I became an active agent in the story, becoming Death’s right hand and the very pen that is used to write that book you are so fond of studying, Deathnote.

Because true power isn’t knowledge; true power is writing the story of life and death.

My next chapter will be of particular interest to you, Deathnote. If you had your notebook you would find it takes place inside The Slaughterhouse with a narrative focused around a shinigami.

No plot twist, only your neck twisting under the power of my garrote.

It will be a real page turner and once I have finished writing your demise the book will be closed on your time in OSW.

For the greater good.