Amongst the Stars

In Promo by Sigil

“There was once a man who wished to be amongst the stars.”

“Dreaming of leaving the world beneath his feet behind as he soared into the night sky and entered space at the speed of light.”

“This man, you see, was an astronaut.”

“He did all the work, completed all the tests, and was hallowed as a hero as he boarded the shuttle, ready to ascend into the history books.”

“Crowds gathered around in awe, watching as he rocketed into the air, as his dream of becoming one with the stars came true.”

“But the further he rose… the bigger his head.”

“As the crowd became a speck, the Earth a dot, his ego grew exponentially. He obtained stardom, yes, and all those who supported him? Who cheered for him? They became nothing more than peasants beneath his feet.”

“He didn’t need them anymore. He had himself, the stars, and the fellow crew on his shuttle who he deemed worthy of being his equals.”

“The thing is, however, that no matter how high he went, no matter how long he sat at the top?”

“He was always destined to return to the planet he escaped.”

“To come crashing down into the ocean and left to rejoin the people for which he now felt so much disdain.”

“You know, Luke? You’re a bit of an astronaut yourself, aren’t you? An A-list star who catapulted himself into fame and fortune not only with the help of the crowd who so coveted you, but with the support of Viper Roberts and his snakes.”

“The movie was your big break, the rocket ship that would allow you to soar into the stars and leave the little people behind. With Pyre and Zero in your shuttle, the only equals you saw, you let yourself fly into the night sky.”

“The crowd who so loved you then became an afterthought, didn’t they?”

“OSW as a whole was nothing more than one big planet full of peasants and lowlifes who you were ever so above. Even now you look down your nose at the roster and sneer as you remember once being apart of them and their world.”

“It must taste so sweet, doesn’t it? The stars like yourself shining so bright as the world is but a speck beneath your feet.”

“But all good things must come to an end, Luke. The shuttle must return to Earth, it must reenter orbit.”

“The higher you soar, the further you all.”

“And when you fall? Your landing won’t be soft and lavish, no. It’s going to be a fiery reentry as you plummet miles to the surface.”

“Because while you’re an astronaut, and OSW is the planet? I’m a solar flare.”

“Something above even yourself.”

“A blast of raw solar energy you could never hope to compare to.”

“I’m going to make your systems fail, fry your shuttles circuits, and watch as you fall.”

“And once you’ve landed on the surface? Body crushed, stardom extinguished?”

“I shall collect what remains.”

“And leave your corpse to smolder in the wreckage.”