Bring Me Your Cup

In Promo, Stubbins Doom by DOOM

[Stood in front of Doom inside the Doom Factory are numerous guards. Each of them holds a cup. Each cup is different in shape, size and variety. Some look more like goblets and others are mugs.]

[Doom]:Everyone has their own cup.”

[Doom walks up to the first guard. He’s holding a plastic sippy cup.]

[Doom]: “Felix, yours is a sippy cup. The very same cup doting mothers give to their babies who’re unable to drink from a big boy cup. It makes them feel like a big boy, but the façade only lasts until the child yearns for something bigger… something more.”

[He shakes his head.]

[Doom]: “You’re not ready for a big boy cup, Felix. Take it from your best friend, this sippy cup is your speed. The Sparta Cup whilst something you might desire, is for big boys in big boy pants and you’re not quite there yet.”

[Doom moves onto the next cup. It’s a mangled cup, with liquid leaking from various gaps.]

[Doom]: “The cup that belongs to Jasper Redgrave is as mangled as the mind of the man that sips from it. A serial killer – a monster, a broken, poorly pieced together excuse of a human being. You want to trade in this cup for something better, but you’d just mangle that as well.”

[He shakes his head.]

[Doom]: “That’s what monsters like you do, Jasper.”

[Doom walks over to the next guard. He’s holding a glass cup.]

[Doom]: “Fragile. Easily shattered. One little crack and this whole cup falls to pieces before your very eyes. You know which person this belongs to, don’t you? Jackson Cade. Arcadia’s very own man of glass. The cracks have long appeared in you, haven’t they boy?”

[He shakes his head.]

[Doom]: “And in one drop, the pieces are left to be recovered.”

[Doom walks over to the next guard, who’s holding nothing.]

[Doom]:Nothing. No cup at all. Nobody.”

[Doom scoffs.]

[Doom]: “Everyone in this match is represented by a cup, except you Harold. Do you know why that is? It’s because you’re nothing. You’re nobody. You’re a ghost. You can’t trade in a cup you don’t even have, Attano. There’s no trading up.”

[Doom finally walks away, standing in front of this guards and their cups, or lack therefore if you’re the last guard.]

[Doom]:Bring me your cups…

[The guards do at they’re told.]

[Doom takes them all, placing them into a big bucket. He moves the bucket over to a compressor and tips them inside, pressing the button.]

[Doom]: “This is what the Sparta Cup is all about, is it not? You people wish to destroy the cups you own in service of the cup you wish you did. Allow me to take advantage of that and do it for you.”

[Doom]: “But there’s nothing better coming your way.”

[Doom]: “In Sparta, there can only be one.”

[Doom]: “And I’m the only man in this match with the ability to hold a cup of such grace and importance. I’m the only man in this match who has a cup in his possession that is relative to that he wishes to hold.”

[Doom]: “There’s no trading up for Doom.”

[Doom]:And you will bow before me.