In Harold Attano, Promo by Harold Attano

For the last year, I’ve lived an Odyssey on par with the Iliad.  I started on Deathrow, where I was forced to end two men to gain my own freedom.   

I came here to OSW seeking a better, more honest life.  When I am confronted by the heartbreaking reality my only daughter is dead.  Killed by the serial killer Jasper Redgrave. 

I am put in the middle of a war between the leadership of Arcadia and an Uprising of killers which includes the man who took my daughter’s life.  Lead by Zeus‘s ex-wife, Hera, at the helm. 

Trusted to attempt to save a family from becoming the next victims of Redgrave himself. Which I take pride in personally as what was my family was destroyed by the man, and I will not let another family be torn apart by this sociopath.    

I made a name for myself in this through this Odyssey.  I came from Deathrow, a former fixer who wanted to be done with that life and I have made myself in that time… 

A leader, a benchmark, and a survivor against all odds, but most of all I’ve proven myself a man of my word. 

I didn’t need a badge to make me.  No super science pool made me who I am. I didn’t need an Uprising to make me a leader. I became a hero without the need for my own kingdom! 

I never needed henchmen because I was always my own man. I walked through this odyssey on my own. In front of everyone here in Arcadia, my story has been on display for all of you to see me, laid bare for every single person in Arcadia to see. 

I have given my all for Arcadia and OSW because I have nothing else left. It’s what makes me the threat that I’ve become because I have nothing left to lose. 

This is why this weekend, I take my next step in that odyssey, and I write the next chapter of this extended story. As Harold Attano, the nobody, the man who no one ever expected to return from Deathrow has now risen before their very eyes. A man who’s now only a sneeze away from the OSW Championship goes from nobody to Spartan. 

Because nobody in this Tournament has been through what I have. 

Nobody’s accomplished the litany of things that I’ve endured. 

I have been forged in the fiery crucible of combat and war on every physical and psychological level. 

Everybody knows that my blood, my sweat, my tears have helped keep them safe and nobody knows that either I will come back a Spartan or they’ll carry me back… on my shield! 

Because Nobody is the only one who can stand on his own against all of the threats to Arcadia and OSW, a true OSW Classic, and the OSW’s only Spartan.