Rise of the Spartan

In Felix Foley, Promo by Felix Foley

[Years Ago..]

“I won, I won!” [My excitement was infectious.] “Mom, I did it!”

[My mom stumbled out of the pantry holding bread, her eyes black and bloodshot. Her withered smile trembled falsely in my direction, pursing her split lip.]

“That’s wonderful, Felix!” [She bumbled nervously.]


[She brushed me aside with a ruffle of the hair, putting the bread down on the table. I stood there with my cup, a trophy I’d won for a science competition in school. She picked up a knife and paused for a moment. There was trouble in the air, if even for a brief second, before she began to cut the bread.]

[I always wondered in that moment, what was she thinking?]

“Don’t let your pop find that cup, okay?” [She did her best to protect me the only way she could.] “You know what happens if he does.”

[I should’ve listened.]

[Later that night I headed into the kitchen for a drink and my father was sat at the dining room table, a glass of vodka in front of him.]

“What’s that?” [He asked, pushing the cup across the table towards me.] “Someone thought you good enough for a prize, is that it boy?”

[He scoffed at me. I shook my head, fear shivering down my spine.]

“It’s nothing pop…”

[That angered him. He stood up and snatched the cup from the table. My heart leapt into my throat, suffocating me.]

“Nothing, huh?” [He read it angrily.] “1ST place for scientific achievement. I suppose that makes you better than the rest of us, huh? Do you think you’re better than your old man?”

[I wanted to tell him that I was. I wanted to tell him that at least I didn’t beat my wife and son. I wanted to bravely snatch away my cup and break it over his face. I wanted. I wanted. I really really wanted.]

[But I did nothing.]

[I watched as he broke the cup by slamming it into the table.]

“This pathetic little cup doesn’t mean a thing, you little bastard. You’ll always be nothing.

[Rise of the Spartan.]

[At the curtain, moments before I’m about to step out onto the entrance ramp. Moments before my music hits. Moments before I face my best friend in the quarter final of the Sparta Cup.]

[My chest thumps.]

[My heart races.]

[I can feel the pulse in my neck throb with every beat of my breaking heart. All I can remember is my pop breaking that cup on the table and yelling at me.]

You’ll always be nothing.

[Take a deep breath, Felix.]

You’ll always be nothing.

[Another deep breath.]

“You’ve got a friend in me

You’ve got a friend in me.” 

[That’s my music.]

“Mr. Foley, are you ready?”

[I close my eyes.]

“That’s your music, Mr. Foley.”

[Go. C’mon Felix, go.]

You’ll always be nothing.

[I step powerfully through the curtain.]

“No I won’t, pop.” [Said aloud.]No I fucking won’t.

[The fans cheer.]