In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“I know first hand just how dangerous fire can be. If my bandages aren’t enough evidence for you, let me tell you just how bad the flames felt.”

“When I was burning alive, I could feel every inch of my skin being cooked. What wasn’t charred to a crisp melted off of me, exposing my muscular system to the world.”

“I became unrecognizable to Arcadia that day. Despite still being the legendary hero, nobody seemed to know who I was with my burned appearance.”

“Not only did I become a shell of my former self, I lost the love of my life and nearly lost my son too. Although, with the way he treats me now, I might as well have lost him then and there.”

“Ever since the attack on my family, I’ve come to fear the possibility of burning again. After going through what I’ve experienced, I don’t want to imagine being forced to live through such an experience again.”

“Knowing that a certain hunter is likely to use it as a tool to herd and trap large prey disturbs me.”

“Luther Grim doesn’t seem to understand the potential danger that fire possesses. He hasn’t been trapped in an enclosed space with it as it eats away at your flesh and identity.”

“He doesn’t know what it’s like to be surrounded by flames and unable to escape it’s wrath. He doesn’t understand what it’s like to be the one being hunted for having a reputation like mine.”

“He especially doesn’t know how powerful of a weapon fire can be. Like I said before, I’m living proof of the damage it could cause to a man unlucky enough to get caught in its path.”

“He doesn’t fear the fire like I do, and that will result in a fatal disaster on his end.”

“Trust me when I say that it’s not something to be taken lightly. We might use it for heating, cooking, lighting, and a multitude of other purposes, but it can and will destroy you when it gets the opportunity.”

“Imagine what it must feel like being caught in an inferno, Luther. Imagine what it must feel like being one of the many poor souls you’re hunting and tried to lead to their demise with the flames.”

“When we meet in Olympus for our fight, you won’t have to imagine what it’d feel like. Not only will you be living in it, you’ll finally understand how it feels to be set ablaze.”

“This match will see the two of us trapped in a burning ring, where the only way to win is to set the other on fire. Since you never learned how to fear the flame, you’ll be careless and open yourself up to be torched.”

“I, on the other hand, won’t allow myself to be burned ever again.”

“Only one of us will be burning at the end of the night, and it might as well be you. Be careful when fighting near fire, you might just get burned.”