In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

Ah… the sanctuary, a literal exhibit of how much my ex-husband loves control.

You see, taking creatures away from their habitats destroys the natural order and due to this destruction of the circle of life, those domesticated creatures have started to display actions that are counterintuitive to the very idea of survival. If that bastard just let things be, these actions would never take pace.

For instance, the shared public spaces of creatures that were natural rivals before Zeus punished not only people but animals simply trying to live.

One of the most peculiar portrayals of this phenomenon are the snakes slithering near peacocks. Before the great collection, if a snake dared perform this action, they would be destroyed and left to rot as another display from a peacock for the world to see.

All of us knew it too as many of the peacocks that reside in the sanctuary now were owned by Arcadians as a way to protect their land from serpents.

It was so well known that peacocks had another name in my area, mayura, destroyers of snakes.

How did they earn this reputation?

The simple dynamic that is their relationship.

As peacocks are a bird that lays their eggs on the ground, the opportunity for an easier meal than others presents itself to a snake.

A mother’s natural instinct to protect her offspring kicks in when a snake is too close.

They will not wait, there will be no hesitation.

If a peacock can attack the snake, it will attack no matter the size and far more often than the alternative, the peacock kills its scaled foe.

Snakes tried to eat the eggs so often that even when it wasn’t mating season and no eggs existed, peacocks still destroyed the snakes for simply being too close to their habitat.

Either by talons or simply biting the snake at the back of the neck completely neutralizing any attack the snake has, it is a complete and utter mismatch and perhaps, snakes were saved due to the mere existence of the sanctuary.

They can survive in their artificial area, most of them surrounded by four walls that protect them at all times and they can repopulare to their heart’s content while the peacock can only look at its old rival anymore, know the world has changed and wonder what if?

What if the snake escaped their four walls here and tried to live in the real world again?

What if natural order was restored?

Well, I shall show my avian allies the answer this week.

You see the yellow python has escaped his four walls of protection, the white bear, the black panther, the red falcon, and the blue shark.

He ate an egg of the ACA but now he tries to attack a fully grown bird.

Let’s see how well that turns out.

A bite can pierce an egg.

You’ll have to do a lot more to destroy the woman that can crush any kingdom.