Show Me Where He Touched You

In Promo, Tucker Goode by Tucker Goode

Tucker Goode sits on a comfortable chair, a featureless doll sitting on his lap.

“Now, in my field, we have what is called an abuse doll. For our… younger members you use this doll to show where you’ve been touched in the cases of abuse. Now, one of the members of OSW, a strapping young man, may be the victim of it.”

Tucker clears his throat, motioning to the doll.

“Destructo Boy, or James if I may call you that? For the last few months I heard some very bad men had you locked up in their big, dark lab. Adults can be victims too, you know. I’m sure they did horrible, depraved things to your poor, supple body, didn’t they?”

He pats the doll.

“Like playing with your head, I mean.”

“But, I’m sure it was scary. You’re a young man, you were untouched and uncorrupted for so long. Maybe you could say that they defiled you with their big, strong, manly hands. Took you right out of your comfort zone and forced you to do strange things for their enjoyment. I’m willing to assume that you left that dark, creepy lab a much different man.”

Tucker looks down at the doll, immediately putting it away.

“And thinking about it, I’m sure puppets might not be your favorite thing to see after Foley got those strong, calloused hands all over you. Snatching you out of your dad’s arms and placing you right into a cage? Making you get all to comfortable with his puppets? Maybe even being made to test out all of Doom’s weird and new drugs?”

“I know, it must be hard, but I won’t make you show me where they touched you on the doll. Instead, I’m here to let you know there’s still hope for you! No matter how dirty and defiled you feel, you can always fix it. Because while you may have been forced into some not-so-great situations by some very bad men, I have the cure!”

Tucker stands up, arms outstretched with a smile on his face.

“Last week, me and my good friend Sebastian took those disgusting degenerates and put our hands on them in the name of the greater Goode. Man on man, skin on skin until we took them down and stripped them of the title belts they loved so much. We defeated them, and now I want you to trust that we here at the ACA can help you.”

He motions to himself, his cheesy smile stretched ear to ear.

“We’re going to be strapped to one another, and while we are, let me teach you all the joys of abstinence and how it can save you. We’ve proven ourselves, haven’t we? Give yourself into our nice, nurturing arms and allow us to save you with our words. You can be healed, you just need the right men to do it.”

“So what do you say, James?”

“Will you do it for the greater Goode?”