In Promo by Pyre

Do you really think this cage will hold me, Ether?

You and your friends have been treating me like an animal, so perhaps it’s time I acted like one.

Surely you’ve seen the stories out there.

Invaders rush into the pride lands of Africa. They’re so fucking full of themselves, thinking that because they walk on two legs and have the pedigree, that they can take on anything.

They hunt down the biggest pride, and take the baddest one of the bunch as a trophy. The real smart ones realize that the males are there to defend the territory, but it’s the female who leads them, who hunts.

So they don’t kill her, they just stick her ass in a cage somewhere.

Because when you do that to a pride, you take their biggest piece off the table. Without the power provided by the lioness, the rest of the pride appears weaker, easier to take down one by one.

But the lioness, in her caged captivity, is not the trophy the invaders expected.

They taunt her, laugh at her hungry desperation. But in truth, she’s just biding her time.

Every once in a while, she shows her hand, letting them see the power that they so feared.

Until one day, they go too far. They leave a crack in the cage door, or maybe they just plain get overpowered.

They shit their pants when they finally see what she can do. She rips them from root to stem, all of their devices rendered useless by the fury of a lioness unleashed

It’s a horrible way to go, but Ether, I hope you understand the parallel here.

Simon had his eyes on me, did whatever he could to bend me to his will.

But then he brought you Jet Set Invaders. And ain’t you a cocky bunch of cunts. You think you can take on anything.

So you came after the biggest and baddest pride there is.

The Bad Mother Fuckers.

You put me in a cage, and took the lioness off the table. My boys can handle themselves, but they’re playing defense right now.

They know they can’t go on the offensive until the lioness is free.

The hunter needs to hunt for the pride to survive.

But what you are beginning to realize is that I ain’t the trophy you expected.

I’m just biding my time. You keep trying to drown me, but my head always stays above water.

All of your taunts are fuel to the fire you’re about to unleash. You already saw what I can do when you paid me a visit.

That was just a taste, me showing my hand.

But the day has come when you’ve gone too far. I see the crack in the door of this Hell’s Mouth I’ve been shoved into.

This lioness is ready to hunt, to unleash the flames you’ve been fanning. And it will burn you from head to toe, chargrilled to perfection.

So let me ask you one more time.

Do you really think this cage will hold me?

Because this lioness is hungry.

And you’re on the menu.