In Promo by Mordecai

“I observed a man that sought to reform a convict once they were released from prison.”

“He had a dream that anyone, regardless of their crimes, could be redeemed if given enough retraining. The hopeful soul took the former prisoner under his wing and began the rehabilitation process.”

“The jailbird appeared hesitant at first, but quickly warmed up to his teacher’s attempts to improve him.”

“The teacher reminded the felon how to behave in the outside world. They were retaught how to interact with their fellow man and make sure they didn’t anger the law again.”

“This process spanned across several months and ate at the coach’s patience to nearly nothing, but the former captive came through. Confident in his work, the man released the newly redeemed con into the wild to see how he adjusted.”

“Shortly afterwards, the crook relapsed on his bad behavior. He was arrested for attempted robbery and was sent back to jail.”

“Some people simply cannot be saved. No matter how much time you put in or how they may appear after multiple lessons, they’ll revert to their old ways and remain that way until their death.”

“Banzan is another man trying to seek reformation in somebody that might not reciprocate that feeling. He sees Tenchu as a machine that can overcome its programming and become a law abiding warrior.”

“He’s currently putting in the time to train the robot and teach him proper morals and how to generally better itself. Currently it seems to appreciate the training, but it’s only a matter of when, not if, it decides to fall back to its old habits.”

“The monk should know that some people cannot be saved. He should know that something as stubborn as that construct is better off being dismantled instead of mended.”

“Alas, the mountain proceeds to waste his time anyway. It’s one thing to be devoted to your cause. It’s another thing entirely to be so blind to your desire that you fail to notice the inevitable.”

“How will it feel knowing that all your hard work will go to waste? Tenchu will soon disrespect the laws of the Odawara clan once more and your teachings will fall on deaf ears.”

“I’ve seen this tale play out many times, and it’ll play out once more. It doesn’t matter how well you teach him, another person like Callihan will come along and provoke its hand once more.”

“You should have shut him down when you had the chance. Now there will be blood on your hands as it slaughters people without discrimination again.”

“This Monday, I’ll drill in how meaningless your efforts are. The waking world has suffered enough at the droid’s hands. It doesn’t need to be rehabilitated, it needs to be put away like all the other relics from the past”

“Hopefully when you go to sleep in the middle of that ring, you’ll finally dismantle him for good.”

“Dream a little dream of a world without Tenchu and see how much better it is for yourself.”