In Promo by Mordecai

“A pessimistic soul sought to save his family from the clutches of a powerful entity.”

“Negative thoughts began to flood his mind the second he discovered they were kidnapped. What if the brute decided to kill his loved ones before he can make the rescue? What if they were stranded somewhere he couldn’t find them and they’d end up lost forever?”

“Setting his fears aside, the man went forth to recover his wife and children from the hands of the evil doer.”

“The journey took him to many far off lands. From distant towns and cities to remote islands and forests, nowhere was considered off limits for our intrepid hero.”

“However, the further he traveled, the more persistent and severe his doubts became. With every failed attempt to locate his family, he more firmly believed that those he loved were gone for good.”

“Eventually his pessimism won out over his desire to rescue his beloved clan. He abandoned his quest to save them and travelled back home, unaware that he left his still living tribe to rot for eternity.”

“Pessimism and heroics never mix. You of all people should know that, Nafalmgir.”

“Your expedition to save the ones you love has taken you to a sorcerer’s tower, where you climbed forty two floors of trials and tribulations. Each of those stages tested your mettle and took a toll on your mental state.”

“By the time you excavated the forty first floor, you were fully prepared to see your foe looming over the corpses of your kin. Any semblance of hope you once had for saving them was quickly replaced with despair after dealing with numerous terrors that lurked within the tower.”

“Regardless, you pressed on and made your way to the top, where you were fully prepared for the worst.”

“Much to your chagrin, something even worse occurred. You were sent to our reality, where you wouldn’t trouble the warlock with your attempts to rescue your family.”

“Your hopelessness is winning out the longer you’re away from them. You’re beginning to believe that you’ll never come to the relief of your folks and they’ll suffer in their prison for the rest of their lives.”

“Eventually, your desire to recover your wife and offspring will be diminished to nothingness. Cynicism and lethargy will take their place and drain any heroic resolve you have left.”

“The more time you waste here with me is more time you could be looking for a way back to the forty second floor of the tower. Alas, you’d rather brood about how the worst outcome possible happened to you and how you’ll never find your loved ones again.”

“If you must mope about something, mope about how you’ve fallen by my hands this Monday. Complain about how a once mighty warrior like yourself has been turned into a crying mess because he couldn’t take down yet another horror in a world full of monsters.”

“Dream a little dream of defeat. It won’t be a dream anymore when I’m finished with you.”