Joining the Crowd

In Promo by Mordecai

“I once watched over a boy that desired to fit in with the popular crowd. To accomplish this, he observed their every move and studied their mannerisms to meld in perfectly.”

“Despite his efforts, he couldn’t find a spot within their community alone.”

“Desperate to join the group, he turned to an old friend of his for assistance. If anybody could transform an unassuming child like himself into a trendy clique member, it’d be his formerly famous acquaintance.”

“One makeover and attitude adjustment later, the young man went from a generic nobody to a fashionable and beloved somebody. Upon seeing the new and improved kid, the circle of popular children immediately accepted the boy into their group, taking him under their wing.”

“Unfortunately, the lad quickly discovered that being amongst the trendy pack wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. He couldn’t form any real connections with the party nor could he relate to them at all.”

“However, the youth, no matter what he tried to distance himself from the lot, was stuck with the lot for the rest of his early life.”

“You sought to join a crowd yourself, didn’t you Kaine? You wanted to dream like the humans did and would do anything to obtain that ability once again.”

“So you turned to me for aide. You sought me out in the vain hope of being able to see the ones you loved in your sleep, unaware that you wouldn’t be able to control what happened in your slumber.”

“Despite me cautioning you that you wouldn’t enjoy regaining the capability to dream, you demanded that I break your curse and reinstate your dreaming skills regardless.”

“Surprise surprise, after the very first night you started to dream, you realized why I warned you in the first place.”

“You were operating under the false assumption that you could control what you dreamed about. Much to your dismay, you quickly discovered that they’re far more chaotic and unpredictable than they seemed.”

“I recommended that you lucid dream to regain some semblance of control. Even if you could, however, it’s doubtful you’ll be able to dream about what you want. Be it the buildings that are long since demolished or the people that have passed many an era ago.”

“Soon enough, you’ll be crawling back to me asking me to undo the damage that I’ve caused. You’ll beg to return to the dreamless slumber you’ve endured before I granted your wish.”

“But I won’t take it away.”

“I won’t remove your newly acquired power just because you don’t like what you see. You’ll be stuck dreaming about the people you’ve killed for the rest of your undead life.”

“You’ve traded one curse for another, Knightlord. If you think for a second that anything outside of death will stop these dreams from haunting you, then I’m afraid you’re sorely mistaken.”

“The best you can do now is enjoy the ride. So dream a little dream of those you’ve killed. Come Monday, I’ll see that their dream comes true.”