Destitute Leader

In Promo by Mordecai

“I once observed a man that yearned for control over the masses.”

“The soul considered himself a natural born leader, likening himself to Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington. He possessed a commanding voice and a presence that made him seem like the most important person in the room.”

“People flocked to him like rats to the Pied Piper. Once he started speaking, they fell under his spell and were willing to do anything that he commanded.”

“This brainwashing led to countless crimes being performed under his name. Individuals were caught setting homes on fire and murdering anybody that didn’t happen to like the self proclaimed leader’s messages.”

“When police caught word of the man’s influence over the masses, they quickly arrested him and all of the followers that had committed heinous crimes in his name.”

“You fancy yourself a God amongst the homeless, don’t you Rasputin? Your controlling nature and commanding tone have quickly seen you become a leader of sorts for them.”

“You routinely encourage them to break the law and act like you would. Their easy to manipulate mentalities make them easy proxies to take out those that have wronged you.”

“And wrong you they have.”

“I’ve witnessed how you behaved in your past. Your schizophrenia and paranoia had made you a social outcast amongst your peers. You tried to make friends, but everyone turned you away because of your disabilities and erratic behavior.”

“Now you seek revenge against society for treating you the way they have. Not only did they shun you for being different and ill, but that same society rendered you homeless and without work after attempting to fix you of your ailments.”

“You’ve amassed an army of lepers that are willing to perform heinous acts in your name. Since they’re so willing to perform any sort of act for food and shelter, you’ll send them all towards the jailhouse if it meant getting back at the world.”

“Well I’m not going to allow you the pleasure of a dream come true. You and your cavalry of destitute men and women won’t destroy society just because life had dealt you a rotten hand.”

“I’m going to play police officer and put a stop to your crusade before it even takes off. You’ve already committed a great disservice to humanity by torturing animals and sending one child to the hospital in critical condition.”

“No longer will you torture or maim anyone or anything for your shortsighted desire for revenge. I’ll see to it that this nightmare you plan on creating fails before it can even start.”

“I’m going to make sure that the desperate army you’ve amassed won’t have to act upon anything you tell them. They will not suffer because you want the world to pay for your shortcomings.”

“The world already has enough people like you trying to make living an absolute nightmare. We don’t need one more.”

“On Monday, you’ll dream a little dream of me, the entity that saw through your plans and took you down for good.”