In Promo by Mordecai

“Sixteen ambitious souls enter a coliseum in order to become the next grand champion. The champions themselves are also looking to retain their championships and continue their reign of terror across those who dare challenge them.”

“A bloodbath is guaranteed to happen on this night. Not a single gladiator in waiting plans to walk away from the battle without dealing some sort of damage.”

“That is, if they’ll be able to walk out at all.”

“Amongst the twenty, there are the fresh faced fighters, such as Vigour and Generation Kid, whose confidence in drawing blood is matched by their inexperience in combat. They hope their competitors won’t take them as seriously due to their lack of experience so they can capitalize on that error.”

“Unfortunately for them, nobody will be taking anyone lightly in this bout. When the champions are high priority targets and on alert at all times, that idea will never come to fruition.”

“Then we have those that were once champions seeking to regain their prize. People like Viper Roberts and Luke Storm felt as though they were robbed of their glory and seek to prove to the world that they rightfully deserve what was wrongfully taken from them,”

“Their rage at losing the spotlight blinds them and hinders their performance. They’re so focused on reclaiming the gold that they leave themselves open to making potentially fatal mistakes.”

“Errors like focusing on one target instead of everyone else in the fight, for example. Gaffes that’d eliminate them from the running before they could get off the ground.”

“And then there are those that have everything to lose. The ones that enter this war with a bounty on their heads and targets on their chests. I speak of the champions themselves.”

“These are the people that will fight the hardest to maintain their fortune. They’ve done so much to obtain what they have that they simply won’t let anybody trample over them for their titles. They’re willing to fight to their dying breath in order to maintain their grip on their prized trophies.”

“However, they aren’t without their faults either.”

“Sigil and Voynich are out for each other’s blood, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make sure the other one falls at their hands. Israel Grimwolf is still reeling from being stabbed by Gable. With the wound still fresh and anger towards the Olympian red hot, his focus will be taken away from the competition at hand and towards the gold medalist.”

“As nineteen men battle it out in the dream coliseum to fulfill their wildest fantasies, I’ll be the twentieth soul in the arena that aims to make sure their dreams don’t come true.”

“One by one, they’ll fall by my hand and wake up.”

“One by one, they’ll realize the cruel reality that Wrestle Heroes isn’t a place to make dreams come true. It’s where dreams go to die.”

“But go ahead, dream a little dream of victory. Enjoy the delusion before I erase it from existence forever.”.