In Drexl, Promo by Drexl

When a man stands at his easel, a brush of finery clasped between his thumb and finger, it is with self-appointed design and purpose that he purports to indent his own, personal mark on the world.

To create his great magnum opus, so to speak, by which to showcase his innermost desires and intentions to all.

With many a stroke of his dainty tool, the man begins to impress his artistry upon the tabula rasa; the blank slate, as it were.

With careful and deliberate sleight of hand, he wields his brush like a wand of great mastery, gently transmitting the power he creates in his own mind into material form.

And after hours of due diligence and precision, the man determinately carves, etches, and inscribes the full visualisation of his impulsions upon the canvas for all and sundry to see.

The world we know as Arcadia is full of artists wishing to impress themselves upon the greatest canvas there is in existence: Old School Wrestling, itself.

Sadly there are those here who stand at their easel, motivated only by the pitfalls of death and tragedy. These men ignore the beauty embodied within the realms of traditional art in favour of fiendishly fatal instruments which they use to carve away at, and bleed dry the vessels of their victims for pigments with which to create their sadistic masterpieces.

These self-proclaimed artists consider themselves talented visionaries, yet they fail to truly see the great profitability Olympus affords each and every one of them.

By disregarding the opportunity to showcase their abilities in Zeus’ temple like a true artisan, endeavouring to become something far greater than they are, they neglect the lucky breaks The Great Baron presents to them, preferring instead to exhibit their deepest and darkest desires to immaterial beings, such as the little eagle, who pitiably pursues their every body of work as he frenziedly attempts to seize his next arrest and incise his own composition.

You, Mr Redgrave, have been afforded more opportunities than most to put your own, personal stamp on your Arcadian legacy.

To truly decorate your portfolio with the prizes Old School Wrestling has to offer.

With a plethora of tools and raw artistic talent at your disposal, a man such as yourself should have grasped the brush with both hands and painted his own picture of success by now.

But instead of taking the opportunities that have been placed at your door, you chose to follow your own path instead, didn’t you, and now all you have to exhibit in your attaché case are the portraits of a wild goose chase.

You’ve had your moment in the sun to shine upon OSW’s famous gallery of Olympians, and proved to be nothing more than a flight of fancy.

And at Clash 309, Mr Redgrave, I’ll render you an unworkable idea once and for all.

I’ll show you that true artistry lies in the eye of the beholder and draft my own place in the history books; on the canvas that is Old School Wrestling.

After all… Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.

And believe me, Jasper.

I’ll make you see.