Medication of Destiny

In Promo by Kpavio

We all feel pain, be it one way or another. Some of us, we suffer in silence in the shadows, hidden away from the world like a deep dark secret we want none to know. Until one day perhaps we muster up the courage to whisper for help, to explain our suffering, our depression. And the answer?


The man who slaves away at work all day, doing everything he can in order to provide for his family, breaking his back. Only to come home to screaming children in a home he can barely afford. To a wife who he can barely stand the sight of anymore. So, he cracks a few beers, to take the edge off.

The single Mother, the victim of an unplanned pregnancy at a young age now forced to do horrible and unspeakable things to keep food upon her table, to keep a roof above her child’s head. Numb and broken to the world she slides the needle in her arm so that she may ‘feel something’ again.

The old and washed up prize fighter, who drowns away his sorrows at the local watering hole, hoping for some sort of altercation. Willing to put himself in harms way, simply to feel that rush, that euphoria one more time.

Or even the patient just out of surgery, begging, pleading with the nurse for the pain to be taken away.

The vigilante, watching from the shadows, waiting for his moment to strike.

Medication comes in many forms, but most commonly for the weak who seek refuge from their own pain, their own reality.

But this world is full of pain no matter how much we try to avoid it, no matter how fast we run away, it lurks around every corner, waiting. It is a bill that always comes, a debt that always comes to collect. Until one day, we realize at the end of all that pain, all that suffering lies a lesson life is trying to teach us.

They say pain and blood are simply weakness leaving the body, let me tell you this, I have bled enough in my lifetime to drown my adversaries in that very weakness. I assure you, there is no pain that remains left in this body, no suffering I have not already endured my own mind. Nothing in this world I fear, nothing I need to seek refuge from. I have learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.

But the good Doctor, the fears fester deep in his heart like a flood waiting to rush upon him. He fears the world finding out his true identity, he fears losing his newly obtained golden accessories and he fears the rest of the world learning what he already has, that he is the weakness in O’Death.

Soon the world and the Doctor will find out that I am the one administering the medication, and my medication is that of pain and misery. The hard reality that he is destined to fail, destined to bleed, destined to be the weakness. Destined to realize…

The true face of Vengeance is the Skull!