Cat String Theory

In Narcissa Balenciaga, Promo by Narcissa Balenciaga

Everyone in this world is one of two creatures, a cat or a dog.

It all boils down to how they interact with what the universe provides.

For instance, grab a string and dangle it close enough for a cat to reach but far enough where you can pull away when necessary.

That cat will stare at it with violent intention like that string is its next meal.

It will crouch as low as it again forcing its muscles into the prime position to pounce.

It will leap and try to strike as swiftly as possible.

You pull away mid-jump and the cat gets dejected but it doesn’t give up, its eyes stay locked on that frail target.

You put that string where you put it the first time, the cat rears back but no leap yet, it waits for a more opportune moment to strike.

So you inch the string slightly closer to the feline, once it has the confidence it needs, it makes the leap again.

You pull back again.

You repeat this process over and over until the cat has done it, it bested you and clings on to that string for dear life.

You let it enjoy the fruits of its labor but after a minute or two of playing with the string, you notice something peculiar.

Once it has the object of its pursuit, it soon gets bored and leaves the string to be tossed away.

A cat is all about the pursuit but once it has its prey, it gets bored quickly and moves on to its next target.

Juxtapose that against the dog.

It also lets a string control it, most people call it a leash though.

After all, what is a leash if not for a large string with a handle?

The difference is the dog isn’t running to the string, it’s running from it.

The dog doesn’t wait for opportunities to pounce, it just gets excited and sprints the moment it can to its objective.

From squirrels to cars, a dog will chase anything if it thinks it can catch it.

The leash is to pull the dog back, an overly excited dog will choke when the owner has to put full force into controlling their pet.

That dog will hurt itself just to have a chance at what it desires.

Now Drewitt, which are you?

I know I’m a cat.

How do I know? Look at my championship run.

I started out strong, made a leap people weren’t expecting and got gold.

I was happy with my string and held onto it tight until I got bored and let a beast with bad teeth take hold of it.

However, I at least got a title.

What happened when you had your golden opportunity Drewitt?

Like a dog, you chased and chased even after getting shot at.

It wasn’t until reality’s leash choked you out that you stopped trying.

So what happens now after I dropped my belt and you lost your chance at our greatest prize?

History will repeat itself as it always does.

I’ll keep catching the string like a cat.

You’ll keep choking on it like a bitch.