In Promo by Starboy

The chameleon.

One of the most beautiful creatures to have graced the face of the Earth.

Quick and cunning, adapting to their ever changing environment at a moments notice.

They can be seen constantly shedding their skin so to speak, or  changing their outer appearance to blend in with their surroundings.

Some would look and this and see it as a way of trying to find in with everything around you.

To others, to the chameleon itself, it’s a means of survival.

In my world, being a chameleon is not only a way to survive but a way to thrive.

Adapting, being submissive to the needs of those seeking pleasure and sexual ecstasy.

Whatever is asked of me, STARBOY dives in head first into the deep end.

Flexible, available, there’s nothing STARBOY will say no to.

You want someone to dress up in a French maid costume, knock on your door, clean your house and then knock on your back door?

Need someone to be a naughty school teacher, tight mini skirt, glasses, ruler in tow?

There’s no length STARBOY won’t go.

Like a chameleon, adaptation is the name of the game.

And one taste of the LOVEstick, and they never forget my name.

Old School Wrestling has its own chameleon gracing the doors of its hallowed halls.

The reigning Double Feature Champion, Chronoa.

Baby girl, you are the epitome, the prime example of what a chameleon can do in order to survive and achieve success by doing so.

You are constantly evolving, adapting at a blink of an eye to your opponents.

You have a gas tank like no other, your never ending supply of energy can outlast the opposition and take them to task.

Your in-depth knowledge of the history of OSW makes you a force to be reckoned with, calling upon your understanding of those who came before you and what works and what doesn’t.

And your ability to replicate different fighting styles and different maneuvers based on the person standing across from you is the ultimate example of adaptation and evolution of combat.

And last week was an exemplary display of your prowess, when you adapted to the dream demon and like a dream catcher, you filtered out the nightmare he bestowed on The Slaughterhouse and overcame him.

But just like you, STARBOY adapts and over cums.

STARBOY is a chameleon in every sense and will do whatever or whoever it takes to survive.

STARBOY has been overcoming and adapting to every situation thrown his way by Vayikra.

He may have fallen nine times but has gotten up ten.

It’s about survival, and STARBOY is here to thrive and survive.

At FTW, STARBOY will test your infinite energy when he sends you to chocolate starfish pound town.

And after, so what he does best…

Fuck the world.

STARBOY’s ready to prove he belongs just like everyone else.

And he’s going to do it with a snap, a twist, a kiss, and a splash of color….

All over your face.

STARBOY’s cumming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums!!!