Evil In His Name

In Promo by Chronoa

Over the millenias, I’ve been privileged to bask in the presence of some of historys greatest. I dined with Caesers, I waxed lyric madness with Divinci and Tesla and personally witnessed the horrifying charisma of monsters like Dracul and Adolf but my greatest honor was the few months in the company of a young man from Nazareth.

What was supposed to be a simple chronical of the life and death of the son of god became a true pleasure. I and so many others like me were drawn to him through pure instinct, not through his unimaginable power or his heritage.

But through his heart and his humility. His very presence would fill your heart with joy as with a few words, he could make you feel true peace, no matter who you were.

He was the greatest man I’ve ever known and the closest I’ve ever came to defying fate. For he of all people didn’t deserve to die like that.

But I did the right thing, watched as he was betrayed and suffered slow and agonising before fading away.

Then I went to sleep and hoped that I’d awake in a world made much better by his presence and sacrifice.

Imagine my rage when I awoke to the same old shit only much worse.

So called holy men prosituting his name, inquisitions harming those they refused to understand. Treating those not like them scum when all he wanted was for everyone to be equal.

At first I was furious, how dare these monsters twist and break his words into their own feckless doctrine but then I realised they didn’t truly know the depths they’d fallen.

They’d never known him, just heard tenth hand stories passed down through the worlds worst version of whispers. And evil through ignorance isn’t right but it’s understandable.

“Forgive them father for they know not what they do”

As I condemn you Cael for what you care not the evil you have become.

Renault’s mind was twisted and poisoned by the false crusades, Sanctus is being used by Sir Vant just like the mother of all evil used his father but you of all people should know better.

You felt his presence, fought for his grace, you owe your very life to the last ounce of power he delivered to the pure who fell to save him.

And not only that, you saw how far the Light Warrior fell, you fought the very evil born from those bowls to protect the weak and innocent they sought to subdugate.

So what’s your excuse this time Gable? old prejudices? Self Hatred? Or are you just a fucking coward?

A man using any excuse to find a way out of the hole he dug himself into, because a little sherrif and a good doctor messed with his mind so badly he can’t see right from wrong anymore.

Your parents would be heartbroken.

Yahweh would be dissapointed.

But I’m just pissed off.

Because he may have given you a second chance.

But I’ll make sure the world knows you never deserved it.