In Promo by Chronoa

Long ago, before the universe became twisted and they fell to oblivion, a favorite pastime of the gods was to find a mortal down on his luck.

And gave them a single chance of redemption with a simple game of skill and luck in the art of chess.

I once witnessed a king on the brink of ruin.

The lasting effects of a horrific war that tore scars throughout his kingdom.

Lands scorched and broken, drowned in a wave of blood and terror.

His citizens tired and angry, on the brink of civil war with one target in mind.

Even the few advisors and people he loved questioned his motives with a dagger to his spine.

A victory that would soon become ultimate defeat as he called out one last hail mary to the heavens above.

His very soul to resurrect an empire.

It was to his misfortune that it would be accepted by the one god who had never lost a single game.

Death itself.

Victory would rewind time and resurrect an empire but loss…

In loss all souls would go to the reaper himself.

The lord accepted but soon found himself on the back foot.

Every pawn would extinguish the life of a citizen, every knight one of his royal guard.

Slowly losing his empire piece by piece.

Yet the reaper didn’t realise in accepting the boon, that he’d played right into the kings hands.

Just as Death continues to play you.

From the Queens who rock the foundation to the Knights who protect them.

The Bishops who keep up faith and the Rooks who guard the heart.

To the very Pawns who don’t realise what they are until it’s too late to avoid being taken.

Since it’s inception, OSW has been one giant game of chess.

The players and pieces have changed over time but the concept has not.

A simple game between two forces of nature as other fleas flock around believing they can change the outcome.

And gold you three may be draped in but you’re nothing but mere pawns in Death’s game.

Because the one game he lost changed him forever.

See the King was willingly to lose everything to win. He would sacrifice his citizens, his advisors, even the love of his life the Queen.

All for that one moment of immortality.

So now, Death fights dirty and to win.

So you may think being a piece on his side of the board gives you the advantage, the bishops beside the knight as you look to take the lowly King Collector off his throne.

Yet all you are to him is a bunch of disposable pawns

Cause in the game of OSW, whether you’re a fire bitch, legion itself or a templar of god.

You place your piece on the board and you’ve allready lost.

Because the only way to truly win against Death himself is to take a page out of his own book,

And not try for Checkmate.

But flip the fucking board and refuse to play the game.