In Promo by Simon

A man comes into his developing years aiming to fulfill his purpose in this world.

No longer is he a boy, a mere child seeking simple pleasures and following every whim.

Instead, he has a clear objective and trajectory to reach.

So, he sets out following this path, doing whatever is necessary to achieve his goals.

And with each goal reached, he adds a milestone to his collection.

Following the path that has been laid out for him for years, driven by his will to lead a fulfilling life.

As he grows older, his body wears thin…but his drive endures.

Never turning back to look back on his life, he is solely focused on the road ahead.

He knows that there is much work to be done.

And the burden is his alone to carry.

He toils as the days grow longer, taking a greater and greater toll on his body, mind and soul.

But, he persists.

He never lets up.

Because he knows there is an endgame.

A fruit to his labor.

Eventually, the man reaches his final days in this world.

He has achieved his last goal.

Collected his final milestone.

His eyes are on the finish line.

A smile appears on his face as he approaches the end of his long and winding road.

He closes the gap on the home stretch.

Only for his smile to fade.

His eyes grow weary.

For what should he find at the end of his journey?

That the road he has traveled leads him down has looped back around, and the end is only the beginning.


Because time is a flat circle.

Everything that once was is bound to happen again.

And there are two ways you can deal with that reality.

You can be pessimistic and realize that life is meaningless toil.

Subject yourself to misery, knowing that it’s all you’ll ever receive.

Or, you can continue to lead your fulfilling and purposeful life, knowing the fruit of your labor will come back to you over and over again.

Tell me, Sigil, what approach do you take to this?

Your toil and labor, how do you feel knowing it’s all leading to the path circling back around?

What will you do when you’ve collected every milestone you can muster?

When you’ve achieved every goal you could hope for?

Because you and I have been down this road before, O great Collector.

We have had our battles.

And the great thing about this grand loop of events?

I get to learn from my mistakes.

So this time, I’ll be ready.

And you’ll be broken.

Left to drag your heels down that road once more.

Dreading the rest of that loop.

Fearing the next time we meet.

And I’ll be laughing the whole time.

Because ol’ Simon is not a pessimist.

He knows that each lap around the track is a chance to improve.

A chance to adapt.

It’s why I’m always steps ahead, Sigil.

I’m fulfilling my true purpose.