Technicolour Dreamcoat

In Promo by Sir Bellator

He had earned the right to wear that cloak.

Made of the finest material, a technicolour dreamcoat of wonder. The symbol of his father’s blessing and love. He had earned it and wore it with pride.

But as these things do, it made his brothers jealous. The others toiled the fields, tended the flocks and had nothing but the food on the family’s table to show for it.

To make matters worse, Joseph had a dream – a premonition. Joseph and his eleven brothers were out in the fields, tying bundles of grain. Suddenly, Joseph’s bundle stood up, the other eleven bundles all gathered around and bowed low before it.

The message of Joseph’s dream was clear. He was going to be a ruler, and all of the other tribes of his father would bow down before him. Enough to make his brothers jealous, vengeful and seeking not only his technicolour dreamcoat but his life.

But you know what… Joseph was right.

It was a twisting and winding road, but Joseph’s premonition came true. He fought his way to the top, piece by piece. Eventually, Joseph found himself in a position of power over the lands of Egypt, and over his family.

Everything he dreamed came to fruition.

We are all born sons and daughters, each born into this world with a chance to make an impact.

Only, some of us do more with our chance than others.

Only some of us are worthy of wearing the technicolour dreamcoat.

In the Slaughterhouse, there are those of you that toil the fields, work your fingers to the bone. Day after day you strive, yet you never seem to get any closer to that gold that you seek.

Some of you have caught a glimpse of the Technicolour Dreamcoat, gotten close enough to touch it. Some have even worn it.

But it is not yours to claim.

Just like it was never Israel Grimwolf’s to claim. Like a true pirate, he did what pirates do best. He plundered. He plundered the Ring King crown and he stole his way back into a match that had passed him over. He donned the cloak around his own shoulders.

An unworthy recipient of a cloak that he doesn’t deserve.

I wear the Rewind Championship into Wrestle Heroes as a symbol of everything that has brought me to this point. My journey, my struggle, everything I have overcome.

And it is enough to make men and monsters look upon me with jealousy in their eyes.

But this is not the Technicolour Dreamcoat that I seek. That is a different piece of gold.

I have the vision of Joseph in my eyes, the bundles of grain bowing down before mine. A Technicolour Dreamcoat strapped around my waist, one that deserves pride of place upon an owner who stands for righteousness.

And everything I dream is about to come to fruition.

I walk into Wrestle Heroes a Knight of the Lord’s court… But I’m walking out a King, wearing my Technicolour Dreamcoat.