Coke is King

In Drexl, Promo by Drexl

As well as offering financial relief to those in need, I deal in a currency few dare to acknowledge yet many deeply desire.


It is a path that has earned me a notorious repute, attained from the lethal precision with which I carve my way through this disproportionate world.

Yet now, something far more sinister has been bought to my attention.

Something that has captured the streets of Arcadia’s whispered tales, borne from a scientific enigma with one twisted, fucking genius.

The Odyssey Pool, they say, isn’t your ordinary everyday regular lagoon, but rather a mirror to the soul. Anyone who dares to swim in its shimmering depths finds their exterior shattered, revealing an unfiltered truth beneath the façade.

They say that its creator has become its first victim; the well-known scientist we have all come to know as Stubbins Doom. After stumbling accidentally into its waters, what emerged was not the man of intellect and innovation we remember, but rather a monster driven by ruthless ambition.

A creature unbound by morality, ready to annihilate anything in its way – not least the one who condemned him to the pool in the first place.

You know something, Stub-nub? When your malignant doppelganger returned at Uprising to take out his revenge on Scissors, I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of it all.

I couldn’t stop myself from sniggering at the harmonious parallel of my own, sordid dealings.

You see, motherfucker, the substances I peddle to the desperate and the daring, they too possess a power of revelation. With each vial and each pill I push, I offer a ticket to one’s hidden self.

Just as your Odyssey Pool tears away at people’s veils, my products uncover the true essence of those who partake. In the grip of chemical metamorphosis, pretences crumble allowing for purity to rise to the surface.

It’s not just about the high, Doom, nor the escape from reality these substances guarantee.


It’s about tapping into one’s unexplored facets.

One’s abject desires.

One’s suppressed-fucking-demons.

Just as your darker side took control after that ill-fated plunge, Doc, my clients too experience a transformation when they feed from my hand.

In their altered states, they confront the rawness within themselves – just as you do now.

It’s a reckoning; an unearthing of the depths buried within themselves.

And whilst they may not become monsters, as you have at the work of your deadly pool, they embrace their truth – for better or worse.

Arcadia? We both know it to be a world where guises are as common as breath. And like your Odyssey Pool, my wares offer liberation and a chance to embrace the shadowed fragments concealed within.

It’s the allure of legitimacy that drives us all, Stubbins; the craving to explore the untamed corners of our psyches.

And my products hold the key to unlocking the truth.

The Odyssey Pool may well have revealed a monster within its creator, but in the end we’re all just seekers of unfiltered discoveries.

We’re all willing to brave the depths – be that shimmering waters or chemical concoctions.

Only when they collide Monday night, motherfucker, remember one thing…

Coke is King.