In Promo by Luke Storm

When you let yourself get to comfortable with something dangerous, that’s when it becomes infinitely more powerful.

I remember one night in particular. I put Scarlett to bed, and went to study my next script.

Then she cried out for me.

“Daddy!” She yelled.

There was a storm outside. And little Scarlett was scared shitless.

I rushed up there, and sat with her. I told her that the storm was just passing through, that if she closed her eyes and thought of her toys, or said a prayer even, that she wouldn’t even hear the storm anymore.

She’d be comfortable.

As I left, I didn’t even stop to think that, to Scarlett, this was no mere storm.

See, to her, that wind wasn’t just blowing air, it was a warrior reaching out to grab the house and shake the walls.

That rain was hammering on the roof like it was trying to open a portal through the ceiling.

That thunder was grumbling and roaring with angle, a wordless fury echoing in the air.


I rushed upstairs again just as lightning struck true. I grabbed Scarlett, and stole her out of that bed like a pirate with gold.

The house crumbled as our world nearly ended.

But I learned the ultimate lesson.

When you get to comfortable, you get caught by surprise.

And don’t think I haven’t noticed, OSW.

Your ass went back to sleep.

Y’all forgot who you’re dealing with. You got real comfortable with the storm, but forgot who the fuck Luke Storm is.

He’s the bastard that won Lambs to the Slaughter. Ring King. Double Feature. Rewind. The World fucking Championship.

Two times.

You think the Tempest just stopped?

You’re wrong. It’s just getting started. And I’m still pacing around OSW…

Pissed the fuck off. The rage is palpable, and it’s one Bad Mother Fucker that you cannot ignore.

Like the wind, I’ve got my fingers wrapped around the Slaughterhouse, shaking its walls to the very foundations with Gale Force power.

You still ain’t got the picture?

You don’t feel that Downpour, hammering down upon your precious protections, breaking through every defense you can muster?

Surely you hear the Thunder, the might of the Tempest roaring in your face. Rage has invaded OSW before, but I’m not here to take over.

I’m here to tear it all the fuck down.

I put OSW to bed, and I went Hollywood, but y’all seem to think that means I’m not who I used to be.

But I’m as dangerous as ever, and you ain’t even ready for this storm.

When it comes, whether you’re clinging to your toys, counting your gold, or praying a useless prayer, I need you to know that Daddy’s not coming for you. The time for a savior has passed. It’s now the hour when heroes die, when the truth is only revealed with a lightning strike.

And you will know that I did not lie to you.

You will know that I am the Baddest Mother Fucker.

The Real fucking Deal.

And you? All of you? Old School Wrestling?

You’ll be Real fucking Dead!