Three F’s

In Promo by Luke Storm

It’s a beautiful world out there.

Just don’t ask my man Jay about it.

Jay’s a guy I used to have a lot of respect for. A real bad ass dude. Intelligent. Tough. No one could stop him when he set his mind to something. He did things his own way. Fuck the world telling him how to live.

His way, or the highway.

But here’s the thing. Jay’s way wasn’t some balls to the wall revolt against the world. Nah, ole Jay’s way was to stay in his lane. Man didn’t leave his house unless he had to, everything went through the world he erected around himself.

He told himself he was marching to the beat of his own drum, but what’s the point of drumming if no one hears it?

Because to the world, Jay may have well been dead.

If you don’t live life, why the fuck are you living?

Take a look at the three chucklefucks stepping the Bad Mother Fuckers this week. They remind me a lot of Jay.

They have all the tools to take over the fucking world. But that ain’t how they roll, is it?

Banzan’s proven himself to perhaps be Earth’s greatest warrior. But how many times have we seen him choose the path of peace, of staying in his own lane?

Phineas Moody is just plain dead, but in whatever form he’s taken there is a power unlike Earth has seen in ages. But instead of bending the world to his will, he does… well, he does whatever the fuck he’s doing right now.

And Simon, ole Simon… He used to be dead, but he was brought back to life. He could have taken advantage of all living has to offer, but no, he’s instead doing the same Taskmaster bullshit he’s always done.

All marching to the beat of their own drum, but it’s just sound and fury signifying nothing.

So I say to you three, why the fuck ain’t you out here living it up? Why are you dying daily to your own imposed exile?

Dying is easy, boys. Living is harder.

Look at the Bad Mother Fuckers. When we got pushed down, and life threatened to take everything we had, we didn’t isolate and revolt from life.

Albie Shaw got out of the clink, and his ass got to work at showing that he was the baddest man walking. If you don’t believe him, give him your finger.

Zero had the Black fucking Hand living inside his head. But he buckled down and rooted the virus out.

And me? Life’s beat me down at every turn. I’ve lost damn near everyone I’ve ever loved. Death stared me in the face and I spit back into its eye.

No, the three of us live our lives to the fullest. All by the three F’s.

Feasting, fucking, and fighting.

Come FTW, we’re gonna be hungry, horny, and hostile, and you three will be the only ones standing in our way.

And you will find out the truth that all others have.

Fighting us is easy, boys.

But winning is harder!