In Promo by Sir Renault

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned.”

“For centuries I’ve partaken in countless invasions to ensure and enforce Yahweh’s word.”

“It all started during the crusades when I led my troop of holy knights into enemy territory. Little did I know that this would be the tipping point of not only the holy war itself, but also my own quest.”

“I still remember the smell of burning timber and flesh when we set that first village ablaze. The fire flared so vastly and quickly that there was very little time for its inhabitants to evacuate.”

“Unfortunately for those who did, we stood guard on the outskirts, waiting to intercept those who had fled the flames. We drew our swords on the uncooperative ones, rendering them colorful with their bloodshed.”

“Those who agreed to be taken captive were rounded up and taken back to camp where they were starved. It wasn’t until they accepted communion with the body and blood of Yahweh that they were allowed to eat again.”

“We scrapped their books and replaced them with literature of our own. Equipped with their little black book now, they were given all the vital information they needed to be a successful member of this new world we were creating.”

“Once indoctrinated, we programmed them to believe that their fate was predetermined, and the only path to heaven was to adhere to the teachings of Yahweh.”

“They could try to change their destiny, but ultimately they were bound for heaven or hell.”

“See father, the key to a successful invasion lies within Yahweh’s will.”

“And I hold that key.”

“Yet there’s one key to the holiest invasion that eludes me to this day.”

“The quest for the Holy Grail.”

“And just as I had spread Yahweh’s will upon the world during the crusades, I shall turn the key on my five opponents and will my way through that forbidden door.”

“Whether I must walk through Pyre’s burning flames, or snuff the oxygen out of her before she flares out and burns the Slaughterhouse down.”

“Whether I must subdue the bright, vibrant colors that Vigour engulfs himself in by engulfing him with Yahweh’s brilliant light, or shut out his light source altogether.”

“Whether Ether must be starved from the very fuel she desires, or if I must feed the beast until she is so over-satiated that she becomes bed-bound like the glutton she is.”

“Whether Deathnote’s little black book must be replaced with a superior book, one that spreads Yahweh’s word, or if the shinigami’s name must be written in his own book as a repercussion.”

“Whether Chronoa must be reprogrammed, or be bound to her own chains of fate in order to forge my own.”

“Because the truth is, father, that I am not ashamed of anything I’ve done in the past.”

“My confession to you is that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get ahold of that grail.”


“And I will show you that at Invasion when I finally obtain the briefcase and key to the grail”

“After that, I’m just one invasion away from my destiny.”

Deus vult.