In Promo by Starboy

You can’t go anywhere without someone passing judgement on you.

Speaking loudly enough so that everyone can hear and make their own judgement or assumptions. 

Every day people around the world are being judged.

They are being told that they should believe in God or are in the wrong religion.

They are being looked down upon for the way that they choose to dress and express themselves.

They are being harassed for the color or complexion of their skin.

Or they are being judged for their sexual orientation or for the gender that they identify with. 

STARBOY has been judged his whole life.

Everything about STARBOY is apparently what’s wrong with this world and that if “people” like me were gone the world would be a much better place. 

The censorious have criticized and ridiculed STARBOY over and over. 

They find joy in spreading their hate, feeling ever so inclined to point out what they see as faults and sins. 

They form their opinion about people like STARBOY and judge without even taking the time to know whats underneath all of “this”.

But once they get to know STARBOY:

Take it once in the backdoor…

…Judgemental you’ll be no more. 

Even our beloved Slaughterhouse isn’t immune from ridicule and condemnation.

Take a look around and we are the biggest collection of what some would call oddities, miscreants, and noncomformists. 

But we have a group of extremists running ramshot throughout the whole place trying to get everyone to follow their beliefs and their word. 

Sir Gable… 

You and Vayikra have been nothing but a thron in STARBOY’s side ever since he made his fashionably late entrance. 

Time and time again you have shamed myself and The Rainbow Party.

You have shouted from the heavens how our lifestyles… MY lifestyle is a formidable sin in the eyes of God. 

You have beaten me.

Battered me.

Had me hog tied and pelted with rocks.

But every single time STARBOY got back up.

Because no matter what you, Vayikra, or life has thrown at me, STARBOY has looked adversity in the eye and made it my sex slave.

STARBOY has been attacked, humiliated, and spit on…

And we’re not even talking about what happens in the bedroom behind closed doors.

You took one good look at me Gable and judged me from the moment that we met.

You don’t know me, what I’m about, or what I stand for.

Yet you douse me with your verbal diarrhea and shit on me and not even sexually.

Your morals and beliefs you stand for don’t faze me.

STARBOY stands for the gays, the queers, the transgenders…

The people who don’t know themselves yet and are still figuring out who they are.

Those who dare to love who they want to and do so freely.

STARBOY isn’t going down without a fight and isn’t one to just take it lying on his back.

He always cums on top. 

Judge me or hate me, you’ll never forget me.

You may be covered in gold but at Invasion you’ll be covered in all white.

STARBOY’s cumming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums!