In Promo by Lucy Seraphina

“I am the shadow, the true self”

If this was Persona 4, if you reject your shadow self; you’d get thrown into battle; if you accept it, it becomes a persona. But in all honesty how many people at OSW are rejecting their true selves?

Most of them would be the answer to that including the man I face at “Invasion”. The shadow self aka the true self is one that most wish wasn’t real. It deals with things you keep in the dark like abuse, feelings and much more. I am one of the small few that have accepted my shadow self.

I accepted my shadow self a long time ago; if I didn’t I would have died. Knowing that I have something dangerous in me. To know that I have accepted that has made me stronger; It has made me feel more comfortable and confident. Kindred do respect me and using this has kept many safe.

My opponent though refuses to accept his shadow self; no, they believe they have to stay positive at all cost and that if they get angry or upset then shit will hit the fan. I know for a fact deep inside, his shadow self wishes to come out, it wants acceptance.

Anger and anything negative is part of yourself as a being. To try and stay positive all the time, isn’t health and isn’t realistic. Your shadow self want to express itself and to show you that it is okay to feel and that you can let it go. How many health issues has the bottling of emotions has given you?

You know you’re a bit like us Kindred, you hide behind a mask and refuse to face the truth. You know if you show the world who you truly are, you fear they’ll hate you; you fear that they will never accept you!

The only approval you need is from yourself, both the surface and the shadow self! You may have your honor but do you have your honesty?

You’re not ready to say “You are me, aren’t you?”

You aren’t ready to accept yourself and that’s a damn shame!

You’re going to allow yourself to bury yourself to the point you won’t remember who you are.

I bet attacking me last week felt so damn good, like when a Kindred takes their first bite of blood; you got a rush from it and I bet you want more. You can show restrain knowing attacking someone is hurts your power but one day you’ll fall into temptation.

You are truly handicapping yourself while I am fighting at full force. I have accepted my true self and with that said, if you don’t, you will never be at your full potential. You will only hold yourself back and never be at a true balance.

So honestly it’s all up to you.

Do you become whole or live half life.

Let’s see what you choose. The truth or a lie.

“For Clan and Kindred”