Controlled Burn

In Promo by Ether

“Millions of years ago, humanity learned how to control fire for their own needs.”

“Before then, it acted like it was the baddest bitch on the planet. It ravaged the world without mercy and frightened all forms of life due to its uncontrollable nature.”

“At the time, nobody fucked with the flames. If they so much as crossed into your line of sight, you could kiss your dopey ass goodbye.”

“Then one day we discovered how to use kindling to keep the fire in place. Not only that, but we developed tools to create it whenever it was needed. Suddenly those high and mighty flames became pussy whipped bitches that we had at our beck and call.”

“With it essentially chained to us at the hip, we proceeded to use it for multiple purposes. Purposes like illumination, warmth, and most importantly cooking.”

“Pyre likes to think of herself as a bad motherfucker. She used to torch the halls of OSW without remorse or a care in the world.”

“Her reign of terror saw her burn people left and right. If she was so much as booked against you that night, your ass was as good as torched even if you could beat her.”

“Just as her domination was at its greatest, however, a lone man named Simon managed to kindle her fire by busting her ass for the murders of several people, including a police officer.”

“Now Hell’s Mouth has her flames under control. Thanks to them, her fire will no longer burn uncontrollably, if it’ll burn at all.”

“How does it feel to be rendered so powerless you stupid bitch? You can’t set the world alight when confined to such a small space now, can you?”

“Simon had the kindling and the tools necessary to keep your fucking inferno restrained. Now us Jet Set Radio kids are free to use and abuse you as we like.”

“Tag will use you as a heated fleshlight before dumping your ass back in the water tank where it belongs. Wiz would borrow you to keep the room warm while he gets higher than the stratosphere. As for me?”

“Well I’ve got some food in the Sodapop Frequency that needs to be cooked before it gets stale. I’ll need you to cook it for me before it gets stale.”

“When the warden lets you out for some exercise on Monday, you’ll witness first fucking hand how we’ll use your fire for our benefit. You might’ve set the world ablaze before, but you’re kindled now and you have no chance of becoming a wildfire.”

“By the end of the night, I’ll send you back to Hell’s Mouth battered and bruised beyond recognition. You’ll be under my control for the entire fight. And if for some reason you step out of line and try to fight back, then I’ll stamp you out harder than the guards at Hell’s Mouth ever could.”

“The world will watch as Pyre gets beaten to a pulp at Revolt. And if they have a problem with it, fuck the world and fuck you too!”