In Promo by Sir Bellator

“Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession…”

A contract was once presented to a young woman. She was in trouble financially, and sought the assistance of a loan shark to help her out of her troubles.

Under the advice of a crooked lawyer, she signed the contract. She saw no other way out of her predicament.

She didn’t read the fine print of the contract and ignored the astronomically high interest rate.

A rate at which she could never fully repay.

Struggling forward for a few months, she didn’t seem to be making any headroad into repaying the contract. She happened upon a benefactor who was willing to help her out and it seemed that all her troubles were over.

Only… The contract she had signed was locked in place, however unfair, and could not be broken.

She had entered a covenant, however unwillingly, and not even her knight in shining armour could go back on what she had signed upon that dotted line.

Not even her benefactor could stop the loan sharks from taking everything she had.

Pyre, you made a covenant.

You signed upon that dotted line.

However unfair, however unwilling, you made promises.

To have and to hold. Till death do you part.

A covenant that, however unfairly, you had no intention of ever keeping. Call it a shotgun wedding, give it whatever title you want… But Simon was always the loan shark who you signed up with because you saw no other way.

Backed into a corner by Jet Set Radio. Locked up in Hellsmouth.

Your only option was to make a deal with the devil himself, but sign that covenant you did.

With a ring on the finger, you signed up for a covenant you could never repay.

And boy, did it ever come with some fine print.

Now your knight in shining arm has ridden to your rescue, and you want out? You want to back out of the covenant you entered into.

Like the benefactor, Zero promises you more. A better life, a better way.

All you have to do is renege on your deal, break the promise you made.

But therein lies the problem.

The law of the Lord is clear. “Let your yes be a yes and your no be a no”.

You knew the deal you were entering into, Pyre.

You knew what was at stake and you knew the cost.

Life simply doesn’t get to be all sunshine and rose-petals just because he finally put a ring on it.

Teo break a covenant like a marriage weakens the moral fibre of society. A moral fibre that has become so weak that it is barely holding together. Vayikra upholds what remains of the covenant of the Lord.

Pyre, you should never make promises you can’t keep.

But here’s the promise I can follow trough on…

Vayikra will fight for what is worthy. Those that break covenants will be punished.

And you will be left with nothing.