In Promo by Sigil

“Let me tell you about a man who was born in chains.”

“A slave from birth, ever since he could walk he could remember chains clinging to his skin and dragging him down into the dirt.”

“And every day he was reminded by the slave driver who owned him that they were┬áinescapable.”

“Forged from the strongest iron, locked with a nigh unpickable padlock, they would forever hang around his neck and encompass his arms for as long as he lived.”

“But that’s not where the story ends.”

“You see, the slave saw these shackles and where most of his fellow men anguished their fate…”

“He set out to change his.”

“How was he to break the chains if they were so powerful?”

“How would he pick the lock if it was unpickable?”

“The answer was simple, of course. He had to obtain the key that would set him free.”

“The slave driver came into the fields the next day, reminding the slave of his fate.”

“And as he spoke, the slave reached out, grabbing the key from the master’s belt. He forced it off with all of his might, shoving it into shackles with impunity.”

“The shackles fell to the ground.”

“And the slaver cowered in fear.”

“You know, Chronoa, OSW is just one big field filled with slaves for you to watch over, isn’t it?”

“I’ve seen how you walk around the Slaughterhouse, a look of superiority in your eyes as you peer down at those around you. To you, they are nothing more than slaves toiling to the whims of fate, aren’t they?”

“The most notable one I can think of is Impaler, isn’t it? For months now you have hounded him, cracking the ephemeral whip of fate above his head as you reminded him of the chains which bind him.”

“Which trap him in your grasp.”

“No matter how much he or anyone else fights, they cannot simply break the chains which cling so tightly to their very soul, can they? Fate is too strong to crumble under the hands of mere humans and too fickle to be toyed with by the lockpicks of a determined mind.”

“Many people will live and die in servitude to what we believe is fate, won’t they?”

“However, you see, I am not one of them.”

“Like the others I was born to chains, a slave to my past, present, and future.”

“I tried everything I could to snap the wretched chains of fate, ran my hands raw as I yanked and pried on them.”

“But then I realized something, Chronoa.”

“I can’t brute force them open.”

“I need a key.”

“And now? I have four of them hanging from my belt.”

“Time, Reality, Love, Life. These are the keys to my chains, the gateways to my freedom.”

“Fate does not hold me, my chains have hit the ground.”

“And from here I can sense your fear as I defy everything you wished to make true.”

“I have walked this path before, I shall walk it once more.”