Critical Hit.

In Promo by Simon

Some of the greatest games in the world involve a combination of skill, strategy, and sheer luck.

The perfect game can be found at the intersection of the three…and it likely involves dice.

Six-sided, twenty-sided, it doesn’t matter.

Regardless of the game, the roll of the dice dictates the pace of your journey.

Every turn brings about a new roll, and with every roll comes a chance to gain a critical advantage over your opponent.

If you’re lucky, you can get a favorable roll every single time.

Landing a critical hit, or jumping ahead several steps at once toward the goal.

If you’re clever, however, you can work with whatever fate the roll of the dice brings you.

Perhaps you pluck away at the strength of your foe, or take baby steps at a time.

Whatever you roll, you can plot out a course to your strongest desires.

A roadmap to your endgame.

And therein lies the strategy of it all.

A perfect balance of moves to bend fate to your will.

To change your destiny, as you see fit.

It’s the kind of power everyone aspires to.

Even if they didn’t join the game with that mindset, the roll of the dice intrigues them, entices them, tempts them.

And eventually, they get too confident in their skill.

They become complacent in their strategy.

They forget the luck that brought them to their position.

That’s when the tables turn, and the player fears the next roll of the dice.

How many times has fate found favor in you, Chronoa?

You approach this game dead-set on gaining a foothold, and it has you sucked in.

As a Keeper of History, you have had the benefit of the past to guide you thus far.

Every roll for you has been a calculated risk.

And with that risk, some sense of reward.

A critical hit here, a championship there.

But not every roll has paid off, has it?

Your gamble on The Impaler has brought about a change of fortunes for you, O Harbinger of Fate.

You became too confident in your skill.

Too complacent in your strategy.

And now, your luck has run out.

You are no longer able to land that critical hit.

Your movement is restricted by your adherence to fate.

Those chains you carry as a weapon, they are as much a curse to you as they are a blessing.

But ol’ Simon doesn’t have the same chains holding him back.

I can take those big risks, and reap the rewards.

I’ve had my fair share of high and low rolls, taking leaps and tiptoes respectfully.

But every move has brought me closer to the endgame.

And I have advanced leaps and bounds past you, Chronoa.

Fate does not scare me.

It excites me.

A chance to change my destiny with the power that lies in the dice.

A chance to tip the scales in my favor.

To take what is rightfully mine.

That’s a game I can enjoy.