Crystal Clear Freedom

In Promo by The Red Falcon

Just for a second, take a deep breathe and suck in the air around you.

Do you smell the thick stench of blood and smoke clinging through the reckless abuse of the damned?

Do you see anything above but metallic ceilings and artificial environment manipulated by the gods?

Do you taste the chemical bitterness on your tongue settling through your desire for a white earth, ignoring what it does to the fragile ecosystem?

It is a world you and your Society of Censorship would continue Kleen with this obsession with purging the darkness and gray and painting it a permanent white.

Yet for all your efforts, you can never make your world perfectly clean. There’ll always be a little dust of resistance, a thin layer of corruption that will always haunt you in the dead of night. Because the earth is dirty and full of chaos, a reflective darkness that creates spots you can never scrub away.

But the sky, the crystal clear, beautiful sky is the one place on earth that is pure and free. 

But because of it’s freedom, very few alive have ever gazed their eyes upon it.

I remember the day I became the Falcon, peering out into the night sky in one of the very few spots it was truly visible. I could feel a cool stillness in the air, a slight breeze sending chills down my spine but there was nothing but deadly silence. 

It’s a problem my brethren do not have. Everyone can feel cool water flow through their hands, everyone has felt the cold chill their bones and everyone strives for freedom.

But most who live in this world will never realise the simple blue horizon that was stolen away by men who feared what it represented.

True freedom from opression, true purity of mind, body and soul. A magic in this world that is truly worth fighting for.

So I ask you this Kleen, have you ever seen a world truly pristine or does it drive you mad you’re part of the reason you never will?

Do you hear it ? The rushing waves of the water as they surround Ms Studebaker and drown her evil soul within it’s bloody red depths

Can you see it? The desperation of Goode to cleanse his licentious desires through any means necessary that he freezes to death in the coldest of winter tundras.

Do you feel it? The quivering fear of your glorious leader as we tear apart every single one of his lies, the very rules he’s been clinging to in absolute terror for decades.

Can you taste it Kleen? That pure, fresh breeze blowing gently washing away every notion of cleansing you ever had, revealing the putrid, pathetic human being that you are.

The skies will open once more as the dome of captivity is shattered to reveal the endless possibilities of crystal clear freedom.

As your endless crusade for false cleanliness ends in the face of true purity.

And the Talons of Justice tear your darkened soul apart.