CT Scans and Craniectomies

In Dr. Death, Promo by Dr. Death

The skull and the brain depend on one another to survive.

The hard skull encapsulates the tender brain. The bone provides the protection that the spongy gray matter needs for it to dictate the executive functions for the rest of the body to carry out.

In theory, it’s the perfect partnership.

But what happens when the skull, who works so vigilantly to protect its prized possession, cannot protect the brain from danger?

Likewise, what if that brain orders it’s protecting body to put itself in harms way?

The answer is that if there is a problem, you must visualize the skull with enhanced imaging to determine the cause of it. And if there is damage, the skull must be cracked open to expose it for a procedure.

Visualizing that vulnerable spot could mean the difference between life and death.

Skulltography has been the perfect team, depending on one another to become the gold standard.

Kpavio protects his prized possession, Gemini, as if she were the flower of his eye, the driving force for all he does.

Yet despite how hard Kpavio has worked to protect Gemini, it seems her destiny is to unwittingly put herself in harms way.

Gemini is fortunate that Kpavio only had to protect her from the Lucky Charms before, because there are for more dangerous entities that pass through Olympus.

Soon Kpavio will be unable to provide her that protection, leaving them vulnerable to those very dangers of Arcadia.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, The Burned Man does his best to guide Destructo Boy from within his mind to successfully protect Arcadia from the inherent dangers that lie within its borders.

He narrowly saved James from Stubbins Doom’s clutches, but he seems to not have yet learned his lesson.

The young hero is far too naive and fragile though, and his mishaps have left The Burned Man open and vulnerable to danger.

O’Death is that danger.

We’ve had the Skull and the fragile flower that he protects under surveillance for a bit of time now, and we’ve conducted the necessary procedures on the Arcadian Mummy and the boy he watches over.

We’ve diagnosed both your teams and understand where your weakness lies.

Mariachi is going to take advantage of your weak spots by infiltrating your minds with his dulcet tones, inducing you into sweet bliss so your protection can be free from following its orders.

Then I will break down your defenses, exposing your weakness and rupturing what hold you together for all to see, and what flows out is what shall belong to us:

The OSW Tag Team Championships.

Because when you two step foot into our operating theater there can only be one of two outcomes for your championship bids:

Dead or alive.

We’re bigger and badder than the Lucky Charms, and The Burned Man and Destructo Boy are going to crack that Skull for us so that O’Death can exploit your weakness for all of Arcadia to see.

It’s time for your head scan and craniectomy.

Now take a deep breath and close your eyes.

See you on the other side, Skulltography…

If you can survive.